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Rooms in the Incursion Temple Drop Corrupted Items - PoE

Rooms in the Incursion Temple Drop Corrupted Items - PoE

I believe there will be a way to get double/secondary corruptions. Probably something related to one of the new incursion rooms. I don't see any reason why or how 5% reduced fire damage is linked to +2 duration gems, so I think the item was "double corrupted" somehow or there exists a method that adds a "secondary corruption mod".

- It's kind of cool looking at the new corruption implicits and all but will there be any way for the general public to play with these at all? The chances of hitting a good implicit is abysmally low and getting a good implicit on a body armor that is pre-6 linked is even lower. It's just kind of sad that I know I'll probably never reach the point where I can use these items or even attempt to corrupt my 6 links.

- This is my growing issue with the game. There are oh so many interesting looking items etc on the wiki. But for me to actually getting to play with them before I am so fed up with the game I need a month off, I have to have the luck of the gander.

- For those of us who dont chase perfect gear, I think the biggest problem is that getting these items is just not needed for any content. It is hard to keep grinding to gain the extra power when it has no real tangible meaning in game. Pretty much all of my characters die out when their gear is "good enough" that upgrades are both super expensive and also don't affect gameplay. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can get poe exalted orb from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.


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