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[Fresh Monday]Never disappoint! Enhance your generals now!

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[Fresh Monday]Never disappoint! Enhance your generals now!

Event Time: 00:00 06/04 - 23:59 06/04 server time
Servers: All servers

Never disappoint you, commander! During the event, player integrate general from B to A and A to A+ can get different amount of gold as extra rebate! Come and take a look now.
1. Integrate one B general to A general will get 100 gold as extra rebate.
2. Integrate one A general to A+ general will get 400 gold as extra rebate.
3. Integrate one A+ general to S general will get 1000 gold as extra rebate.

1. Please CONTACT GM to claim your reward in time after completing the integration in game.
1. The reward can't be stacked and it will be sent out within 72 hours after the event.
2. GW reserves all rights of holding this event.


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