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[World Cup 2018]Support your team to win 100% gold rebate!

Event times: 00:00 06/14 to 23:59 07/15 PDT
Servers: all players

Ole OLe OLe Ole! We are the champ, we are the champions!
World Cup is coming later today, are you a big fan of football? If you are, come and join in the Events Quizzes of World Cup matches, if your guess is right, 100% of recharge gold rebate for any amount payment will be offered!
1. Please vote under this post then leave your support team, nickname and server name, we will check if you recharge during the available time.
2. If the result is tie, then both teams can claim for 50% gold rebate.
Now here we come with the very first match, Russia VS Saudi Arabia, what do you think about the result of this exciting game? Vote for your benefits!

1. All payment reward will be counted within ONE HOUR BEFORE the matches. For example, if the match starts at 08:00 06/14 PDT, then the payments before 07:00 06/14 PDT are counted.
2. If there are >=1 payments, the highest payment will be able to claim 100% gold rebate. Each player can claim it for once.
3. GW Team reserves all rights of holding this event.

Items to vote ( Single selection ) participants2  

1.  Russia


2.  Saudi Arabia