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[Hot Event]Complete tasks to get Auchinleck Gen.!

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[Hot Event]Complete tasks to get Auchinleck Gen.!

Event time: 00:00 07/11 to 23:59 07/12 PDT
Servers: all servers

Rules: only 2 days limit-time event! We offer 2 tasks for players to complete, up to Auchinleck General is waiting for you to get! How to get it?

1. Complete Recharge Task 1 and Consumption Task 1 can claim Fedor Von-A+*1+ World Cup Beer-S*2 as extra reward.
2. Complete Recharge Task 2 and Consumption Task 2 can claim Ghost General-A+*1 + World Cup Beer-S*3 as extra reward.
3. Complete Recharge Task 3 and Consumption Task 3 can claim Evil Stan-A+*1 + World Cup Beer-S*4 as extra reward.
4. Complete Recharge Task 4 and Consumption Task 4 can claim Auchinleck A+*1 + World Cup Beer-S*5 as extra reward.

1. Only the payment and gold consumption from 06/25 to 06/26 are counted into the event.
2. The reward can't be stacked and it can claim for once only. Please contact GM after you complete the tasks in game for your reward.
3. GW Team reserves all rights of holding this event.


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