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Are you excited for Mafia City? Been a fan since the first entry

Are you excited for Mafia City? Been a fan since the first entry

Mafia City provides Lincoln Clay with three allies who serve as his underbosses. You have Cassandra, Burke, and Vito Scalleta who returns to the series from the second game. Each one brings something different to the organization in the form of perks, access to new weapons, skills, and associates. Associates are other NPCs from whom you can request favors whenever you want. city gangster games,They are valuable assets that are part of the foundation of any good crime organization.

Underbosses aren’t simply a resource you can tap into, though. Like everything else in Mafia City, you ‘ll have to manage your relationship with each of these allies, toeing the line between keeping them happy and offending them. During Sitdowns, players will have to allocate their turf and resources between their three underbosses and this can disrupt the balance in your organization. Show one a little too much attention and the others may grow jealous. If that disappointment increases you’ll find yourself at war with one of your very own, and it won’t be a matter of simply killing them. You’ll be going against a very strong individual on their own turf.

The wait for Mafia City is growing shorter every day. You will be able to step into the shoes of Lincoln Clay on the PC browser when the game releases on May 11. New Bordeaux will open its gates to you and the Districts will try to beat you down, but you must overcome, even if it means fighting fire with fire.

Are you excited for Mafia City? Been a fan since the first entry? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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