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Mafia City was played in 1986 as a way

Mafia City was played in 1986 as a way

Three new games breathe life into Mafia, the classic hidden role game

The first mafia crime games of Mafia was played in 1986 as a way for a teacher at Moscow University to combine his psychological research with the need to keep some high school students entertained. The rules were simple: Every person in a group is either a murderous criminal or an innocent. Every turn, the mafia members secretly pick a player to eliminate while the rest of the table votes on who they think should be kicked out of the group. The good guys have to use social deduction to figure out who’s not on their side before they’re outnumbered.

As the game spread throughout the campus and beyond, it picked up new names. You might know it as Werewolf and Witch Hunt. New versions expanded on the basic two roles, giving players special abilities or victory conditions. But the basic appeal remained the same — no matter what it’s called, a hidden role game lets you figure out how good you and your friends are at lying to each other.

You don’t need any special equipment to play the original folk games, but three new versions appearing at this year’s Gen Con offer novel twists on the formula.


        I was first drawn to the table where Asmodee's When I Dream was being demoed by the sight of a player wearing a heavy sleep mask as a blindfold. I watched as players took turns calling out contradictory words to her and silently glaring each other. Each was trying to guide the blindfolded Dreamer in their own way.

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