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Nvidia and the problem with games in Graphics Card's package

Nvidia and the problem with games in Graphics Card's package

For the past few years, graphics card manufacturers have begun to include many free game packages into their product sales packages. Free games that generally come from GPU manufacturers in both AMD and NVIDIA. AMD and NVIDIA certainly provide free games with the hope that users can feel the true capabilities of their products, but what happens is that buyers to sell it to others.

Based on information circulating on the Internet, NVIDIA seems to know the new "habits" and try to limit them. They apply a special security mechanism that makes selling free games to other people more difficult. They did this by utilizing the GeForce Experience.

The NVIDIA supporting application is used for the verification process whether the given key matches the GPU type where the key is packaged. If the key provided is tried to be redeemed on a PC with a GPU that does not match the key, the process cannot be executed. This will complicate the sale of free games.

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In addition, NVIDIA also seems to lock the key so that it can only be used in certain areas. This makes the key packaged in sold in a region or country not necessarily be used in other regions or countries. This mechanism should be passed in several ways, but it should be able to limit the sale of free games in the sales package.


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