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I especially like to work wi

I especially like to work wi

I especially like to work with friends because it is a pleasure and excitement to work with friends. The number of times I worked with my friends during my growth was like the pearls in the sea, and the number was countless. The most shining one was the experience of playing with the classmates.was a sunny Sunday, and I had an appointment with my friends to play football. We bounced into the football field. We first divided the team by means of guessing, and I am glad that I and Chen Hao are in a team. Chen Hao is agile, and the ball is not a group. We all call him "Little Ronaldo". We are all eager to tryst, the opponent opened a high ball Just as the opposing player was ready to catch the ball, I took the lead and passed the ball to Chen Hao. After receiving the ball, Chen Hao flew the ball to the opponent's goal. The other player thought that Chen Hao had to shoot, and surrounded Chen Chen with a swarm of bees. At this time, I also rushed over. When Chen Hao came to see me, he passed the ball to me from the vacuum of the opponent's defense. I shot the ball to the goal with lightning speed. When it was said that it was too late, the other goalkeeper threw the ball out. At this time, the other players turned their attention to the goalkeeper, Liu Wei like a dislocated wild horse, went straight to the goal to a wonderful re-shoot, kicked the ball into the goal We are one point ahead.e collect firewood and high flames," and sure enough. In the end, the god of success leans toward us, and we are victorious. Everyone happily dances and dances. Looking at everyone's happy smile, the breeze blew my cheeks, the songs of the birds linger in my ears, I feel the happiness of wild lily that has never been seen in the season, the fragrance is full of valleys, "they" are aroma Appreciate for yourself; the spring breeze blows the night on the south bank of the river, "they" cheer for themselves with color; when the river overcomes the hardships and risks, and finally puts into the embrace of the sea, "they" cheer for themselves with the song; and I In the face of difficulties, I will cheer for myself!that time, I participated in the glamour king competition organized by Nanjing Children's TV Station. selection of the qualifiers was very cruel. After five rounds of elimination, I finally won. Among them, the third round of the knockout scene, I still remember the new.rd round of the project is a dance mat. The players have to take off their shoes and stand on the dance mat. Step on the direction of the arrow on the dance mat according to the direction shown on the big is over. I saw that the players in front played very well, and one of the girls jumped 4000 points. Her score puts a lot of pressure on me. My heart is like a bunny and jumps very fast Because, I was the first contact with the dance mat, I was very unfamiliar with the dance mat, I didn't know how to jump, I didn't master the skills, and my palms began to sweat.s my turn soon, I took off my shoes and ran to the dance mat. Under the order of the host, I began to "dance". At the beginning, I didn't step on one of them, it was 0 points. Suddenly a sense of fear sprouted from my heart, I was thinking, would I always be 0 points? But I immediately encourage myself, I think: I will be successful, I will definitely jump out of high scores. I continued to jump and jump, and scored more than 3,000 points in a short time. This score makes me temporarily ranked first.

In the end, I was ranked third with more than 3,000 points. This is what I am most proud of because I did not back down when I encountered adversity!

This incident made me understand: In the face of adversity, I have to cheer for myself and cheer for myself so that I can succeed!


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