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TRIPOLI Royce Freeman Broncos Jersey , Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- More than 100 migrants have drowned after their boat sank off western Libyan coast, Libyan navy spokesman told Xinhua on Thursday.

Qasem said the migrants drowned while trying to cross towards Europe. Only seven of them survived.

He also said that Libyan navy rescued more than 3 Bradley Chubb Broncos Jersey ,000 migrants of different nationalities by 12 operations off Libyan coast in the past 10 days.

Most of the rescue operations were done in western Libya.

Thousands of migrants drown in the Mediterranean while attempting to cross from Libya towards Europe. Smugglers take advantage of the insecurity and chaos in the North African country to send migrants in rickety boats, many of whom drown on the way.

Those rescued by the Libyan navy are taken to reception centers with poor living conditions.

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Highlights of 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards

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Beneficial And Healthy Preschool Lunch Box Ideas For Toddlers Health Articles | February 14, 2015

Give your toddlers the energy they need to make it through the day with a healthy lunch. These healthy ways make them eat nutritious food and help them to grow.

Toddlers have a very complicated food palette as they cannot eat everything. It is important to come up with good ideas for the toddlers so they can enjoy their preschool lunch box. It might seem like an easy option for the children as they can have other foods. However toddlers do not have too many options. They only have to stick to few ideas and the lunch box has to be made interesting. There are healthy lunch box ideas that can be tried to make them eat their food.

The idea of boiled carrots with sugar and mashed potatoes is perfect option of preschool lunch box ideas for toddlers. It will provide nutrition and make them like the sweet taste of carrots and sugar.

It is naturally beneficial to include smashed beans with tomatoes for preschool lunch. This can be added with fruits cut in small sizes and dipped with cherry sauce that is homemade. It is preschool lunch ideas for toddlers.

The recipe of tossed asparagus with pumpkin DaeSean Hamilton Broncos Jersey , sweet potatoes in olive oil can be added as the snack. This should be rolled in pre made tortilla wraps. This should be covered in tomato sauce that should be made by boiling tomatoes with olive oil and warm water. Basil can also be added to the mixture. This should be put over the vegetables. It should be rolled in the tortilla wrap. The tortilla wrap should be preferably made of multigrain. This will be easy on their stomach as it is easy to digest. It should be cut into small pieces so it will be easy for the toddlers to eat. It is a perfect preschool lunch box ideas for toddlers.

The idea of all the favorite fruits like strawberries, apples Josey Jewell Broncos Jersey , bananas and blueberries can be mashed together. It should be added to semolina that is roasted for few minutes with butter. It should be mixed together with some water to achieve the required consistency. It can be garnished with nuts. Soya milk can be added to make the mixture healthier. Milk can be added if the toddlers are not lactose intolerant. It is easy to make recipe and preschool lunch ideas for toddlers.

Semolina roasted in butter and then mixed with hot water and some vegetables with spices is perfect recipe as preschool lunch box ideas for toddlers.

The recipe of fried pumpkins in olive oil and asparagus with mashed rice serves as healthy option and preschool lunch box ideas for toddlers.

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