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[Announcement]Closure of General War Servers Of

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[Announcement]Closure of General War Servers Of

Dear commanders,
We are so thankful for your tremendous support these past six years. We didn’t make the decision to end support of General War in Gamebox site lightly, but we've recently had to make a tough call and close the game due to an internal business strategy adjustment and cooperation terminated with developer.
Thank you so much for your time – all of us who worked on developing and operating the game would like to express how much of an amazing experience it was to create this game for you, and for you to honor us with such a warm and earnest reception. We are deeply sorry that things turned out this way.

********IMPORTANT TIME STAMP********
1. The recharge service on the Gamebox site will be closed at 00:00 PDT on April 29th, 2019, but you can continue to use all remaining resources in your accounts, including Gold/LT Gold/ and other items.
2. Servers on Gamebox( will be closed and entry blocked at 00:00 PDT, on May 27th, 2019. You won't be able to access the game any more in after this.

********FURTHER PLAN********
*1. For players from Gamebox sites, Developer Team is making efforts to find a new platform so that they can continue to host [General War] and will do their best to migrate some important account data of yours to the new platform if everything goes as planned.
2. For all players that transfer to the new platform, you'll get the Immigration Packs as well according to your character level.
3. Please join CYOU Project Early-Access Group on Facebook and we'll update you with upcoming games in the future.
* Player may see the instruction prompt about creating new account on the new platform in the upcoming days, so please pay close attention if you see the popup message.

Keep in Touch! We never meant to say Goodbye.
Wish everyone all the best!
General War Team


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