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Bomberg Bolt-68 Replica

Bomberg Bolt-68 Replica

Two hand-crafted gongs replica swiss watches bring the enchanting rhythm of the three-question watch and the hour and the hourly sound. The GRAND COMPLICATION is equipped with a ringing device that automatically indicates the time in a large self-sound or small self-sound mode. When set to the large self-sound mode, the watch will first report the hour with the bass gong every 15 minutes, then the two gongs will sound twice to record the time. When set to the small self-sounding mode, the two gongs will beep once or three times every quarter of an hour. At the beginning of each hour, the bass gong will sound for the number of hours.

The big self-sounding function is considered to be the most challenging of all the complex functions of the watchmaking world. This feature relies entirely on the coordinated operation of sophisticated devices made with the highest quality materials by a talented and experienced watchmaker. “Flexible and stable” is the aim of the interaction between moving parts. The precise operation of the parts allows the watch to sound accurately and knock out unparalleled pure music.

The ringing device is driven by one of the three main barrels, and the barrel is wound with a crown. Turning the crown clockwise can keep the clockwork of the wheel train and chronograph. The sounding device barrel is wound in a counterclockwise direction.

The starting device on the side of the sliding case, the three-question function will report the time with two gongs as needed: the hourly hour is indicated by the bass, the quarterped time is the double-tune, and the minute is the high-pitched. At 7:52, the replica watches uk music is seven times of bass, three doubles, and seven highs.

GRAND COMPLICATION's chronograph richard mille sapphire is a single button type with dual-chasing and 1/5 hops. This rare extra feature makes the stop time accurate to one-fifth of a second. When the chronograph is activated, the blue steel hand of the lower sub-dial completes its operation with five jumps on its five-second scale. Therefore, the pointer accurately beats with a 2.5 Hz balance.

The gold chronograph hands and the blue steel double-chasing hands that stop the lap time are toggled on the center main dial. When the button is set between 1 and 2 o'clock, the two hands will work with the 1/5 hop second hand. Each time the sweep pointer is completed, the oscillating disc pointer at the 12 o'clock position on the dial advances one frame.

When the button between 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock is pressed, the blue steel double-chasing needle will stop to indicate the lap time, and the gold chronograph pointer will continue to run. When the button on the left side of the case is pressed again, the double-chasing pointer will immediately catch up and align with the chronograph pointer. When the right button is pressed, all four chronograph hands will stop. Press the button again to redial them to zero. The two column wheels, which are responsible for the chronograph and the follow-up function, use traditional technology to accurately and reliably control the two devices.

Permanent and accurate perpetual calendar

The perpetual calendar system displays the Gregorian calendar. The richard mille replica perpetual calendar not only recognizes the number of days in the calendar year, but also understands that the second month of the leap year is only 29 days. The series needs to be adjusted one day to 2100. This is because the Gregorian calendar specifically stipulates that if a year can be divided by 100, that year is not a leap year. The number of days per month is programmed into a grooved 48-segment gear that is mechanically sampled by a date-shifting lever. The deeper the sampling groove, the fewer the number of days in the month.

Another feature of the perpetual calendar is that it will advance all displays at midnight, except for the moon phase. The calendar display is set at 9:00, 12:00 and 3 o'clock. The sub dial on the left shows the day of the week, the top shows the month in the four-year cycle, and the right shows the date. The upper part of the 1/5 hop stop dial is a blue, solid gold moon phase dial that accurately reflects the lunar cycle.


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