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This game needs a massive fix.

This game needs a massive fix.

The reasons I'm posting this is I've been playing for over a week now and I have seen many problems on this game that is high limits of lags and loot is not all that great events loots sucks and many other problems,

1. The damage logs from NPC to player if more then 15 are attacking you at once you have a large amount of lag. same as Events in game.

2. The pvp area is to wide and not fun for the pve players. All events mostly with pvp needs to be looked at. And some needs to be removed for more entertainment.

3. In all events the loot is to weak for the event items that drop for players is really low for the events I see are too strong for the most players and an complete unfair advantage from any sort of loot. Also in boss loots this is unfair because 1 player always gets the loot should be top 5 damage players or something to get a good amount this will create more attraction to do events if not lost of many players in no time at all.

4. Item looting from mobs are as well far to low and not synced at all. Should not be looting the gems more then gear and excel gear is to rare to get.

5. The items also in shop they are not enough for ingame needs more work and items added to shops also adding some items for coins would be a good idea for the reason is players have to much coin sitting on them, but collecting nothing but a small buff for events or potions not all that great.

6. How about adding some promotion to the game you guys are still new and want to expand the ads from player word of mouth right? be generous and give all players something to tell the friends that would help in large player activity.

7. Rework some of the stats also for some items it seems as if your not hitting enough on lower levels or change that damage portion between levels everything seems the same at lvl 1-150+ there is nothing special for that type of damage ratings at all just a boring sight.

8. How about adding some gear that's only in shop that is for VIP but make the VIP perm. Other words your just telling us hey buy vip and get screwed for only 30 days. If you want gamers to join that's what needs to be done other words they would just rather play World of Warcraft, Runescape, Or just the console games with Playstation or XBOX One.

I'm sorry guys but if I was looking for a good game to brag so much about this is near the bottom of the list meaning I would never mention it. I've played over 5,000 games and helping rework their games giving advice in player activity with fun for the players and also game owners rack in a lot more money and can advance their games into something better, But this game to me meets nothing good at all unless everything is to be fixed and corrected to the today's player standards of all types in a rise of players numbers. I do not discriminate or hate any game brand owner or work for any game server. I'm a player that has helped big and small games for 15 years and will continue doing so... Best of luck to Warflare staff and players. Hope this message reaches you all and you accept the short list to give everyone the idea....

Thanks and sincerely Carlundene also known as Saulron One. 1999 Legends come and go but we stay IMMORTAL GAMERS.


Very good suggestion, i hope they wake up and read this one.



Hi, i agree to the most you said up there just not the number 8... i really would not like to see this game become even more pay to win as it is now already, maybe it would be a better idea to get permanent gear for players that keep playing the game daily something like we had when we first started the daily log in rewards   . And in my opinion its not worth spending money on warflare as the game is now unfinished and full of all kinds of issues.


One more little thing, at the alliance, is written Menbers and correct is Members


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