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List of suggestions

34. Leaving a battle is a bit inconvenient, as I constantly have to minimize the screen. Perhaps make the exit battle key different to provide for less frustration? In this regard, I'd love to have access to a microclient  (c)Tankated

I keep saying exactly this to FB support and did not receive clear response on the matter from them yet.

I like your attempt to add descriptions to modules, as knowing what turrets this gun is used with helps a lot. But current names are too complicated, that is why I sugest stating the TANKS. If a player knows this gun is used on pz4, vk3601, vk3002b and vk3001p - it is great. And names of the turrets matter little, because player knows the names of the tanks - not turrets. As of now, looking at VK3601H guns causes my eyes to bleed

The same goes to radios and engines as hulls and tracks are unique for each tank.

Another question - is there going to be an in-game voice channel? Through micro-client maybe? Or through TeamSpeak? Chatting with your platoon is not the best way to communicate in the heat of battle. And not everybody has Skype
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