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We are All Ears: Suggestions Wanted for General War

We are All Ears: Suggestions Wanted for General War

If you got any problems, suggestions, or found bugs while playing “General War: Memories”, please do not hesitate to submit them in this thread. General War team is here to listen to and help every player.
We will carefully review all suggestions and bugs submitted as the reference of optimizing the game before it goes open beta. Excellent submitters will be rewarded in open beta server (approximately to launch on April 23).  

Thank you for your participation, and hope you have a nice gaming experience with!

For more information about our games, please visit the official website (
and facebook fan page (


G' evening all

I'm most enjoying this game
It's simple and highlly addictive!!!

first of all I must say that I LOVE how one can make 100 point daily activity because we are not bounded to the given tasks because there are more tasks that allow you to go over the 100 points. Please keep it!!!

Here follow are my suggestions from 4 days playing:

On general I really liked the game. It's balanced in overall given it is a Beta.
Can't wait for it to become operational
I liked the fact that the game is simple and straightforward without too many tweeking around with things to pass the levels.(appart from the occasional roadblock ofc).

Negative features:

-Lengthy tutorial -.-
-Unable to close the "Sweep" screen without canceling it or speeding it.
-At the moment "Sweep" is only for VIP players AND the sweeps count for your daily battles. I suggest one or both changes to be made:
        1- keep it under VIP lock BUT remove the count for daily battles
        2- unlock it from VIP and keep the counter of daily battles. If so, 1 should be applyed.
I think that both sollutions are feasable, reasonable and proportional.

-Low inventory space for "Items"

-Mini-map obscured by the auto-pilot button.

-Unable to drag Areana map

-Battles or Levels and the edge or very edge of the screen obscure the units.

-Activate the "Construct" button right from the start so one does not need to be searching for the buildings.


-Remove fog of war from known unit position IF they don't move.
meaning when you lose an unit that was next to it, you will still se the enemy unit if it doesn't move.

-Add map grid with, or without, color coded:
        -red: blocked terrain, (allways marked maybe?)
        -green: free terrain
        -yellow/orange: enemy unit (apply FOW rules, mening it will be green if not spotted and suggestion above)

-Show upcoming 2 or 3 units, gear in the shop without yet having the shop level to buy it.
It will help people organize their strategy and their shooping spree.

-Add equipement/items/units loot tables on instances so as to reward instance farming.
(pls don't push too much on this lol, meaning drops rates and "insane" gear/ units   )

-Improve quest text. The "sub quests" texts are not much help (some of them).

-cap the level at wich players can be conquered. Say 10 lvl gap. when the conqueror goes above this cap it should automatically release the conquered. This way one will never be an eternal puppet.
Also activate this feature only at lvl 20 or 25.(don't remember what it is now)

-Allow for both the current "move and fire" but also to "fire and move". Maybe reduce movement by one on the latter.


-Timers allways starts at "16" in the hour mark. hell this one beats my has for why.

-"Like" button does not dissapear and is annoying when attacking units at the top of the map.

-"CD Queue" box goes over the Chat box and makes it impossible to click on the CD box.

-Haven´t figgured the purpose of the "Tech Center" and the "Skill" feature :\
I mean what is supposed the skills to do and how to use them.

-On the first instance, the box where you have the other players units obscures the second and last turret.

That's all for now, will update when more things come to mind or if I spot anything

[ This post finally by Silver-Star on 2013-05-07  08:52 edit ]


Just found what seams a major bug.
foud while doing campaign levels and pretty sure same has already happen to me on instances.

If one presses the "End Turn" button while your units are on the move, on the next turn you get stuck.
Also it seams that when your units counter-attacks, on the AI turn, sometimes, or most of the times, that unit gets stuck, as it had moved or fired, in the Player next turn.


Reply 3 # post

Hi Silver-Star,
Thank you for your impressive suggestions based on the whlole reveiewing of the game. We will forward your advices to our developers for them to well consider:). Thank you again for your concern and support!


Another suggestion:

Add a "market"  to be able to sell and buy "MR"

Also I believe the ranging and movement system should be changed from linear distance that it is now, to actual square range.
With that it will be possible to also move or fire in the same X value the unit has, diagonaly.

Remake the shop layout for the "equipement". As it is now it is a big confusing. Make tabs for unit and gear type.
Also noticed that the pop-up to compare gear doesn´t allways appear, or at least it does not with artillery and infantry.

On the Construct window, add also the hammer, or something, to mark with buildings are being upgraded.
Maybe replace the "Lv Up" button with the hammer that sows on the timer.
That would reduce a lot on pop messages for me lol.

If I still see something until latter today I'll post it for tomorrow beguins what will be a long week on field trip.
[ This post finally by Silver-Star on 2013-04-21  10:27 edit ]


Just noticed one other thing.

After soloing the first and second instances, I realised that the rewards from them are the same in silver, reputation and experience. Same thing with the first intance in either normal or heroic.
Shouldn't the rewards be higher has we move up on the instances levels?

And another idea:
-Could it be possible to have some sort of signal on the left side unit bar has for an unit is available to move or fire on the battles?

I know I do sometimes mistake my units and I don't have 2 of the same model   


And yet another thing and this one a rather bit odd

For some reason today on the daily lottery, all the draws gave me the same thing.
Same happened with alt account.
Also noticed the same on previous days :\

Could be just coincidence, or could it be a bug, but still thought it to be important to report this experience of mine.

Could be something annoying when the game goes live.

I just have posted this on earlier but it missed my mind.
Can't remember when Arena gets available but I'm pretty sure it is not on leve 1. Still I had to fight a lot of level 1's for no reward AND the Arena battles were counting.
One of two things could be done here:
1-Allways reward a small amount or RP, 25 or 50;
2-Remove from the Arena list players that cannot play Arena.

Either of them for me will be fine, since option 1 makes all the low levels into easy RP farm and not a simple waste or Arena fights, and option 2 makes the Arena more "real" for lack of a better word atm.

Could you please add a delete button on the window that we read the message?

Noticed that Quests do not recognize any objective we have already met
[ This post finally by Silver-Star on 2013-04-21  19:07 edit ]


This will be my last post for in under an hour I'll be leaving for a one week geological cartography field trip.
therefore I will only be available to elaborate further by next April 30th.
I do realise some of my sentences or ideas might read a bit strange but I did try my best on writting the ideas.

On the very first game loading screen, the mini-game to shoot down the HE-111 how about making it drop a few token silver, RP, MR, XP or even gold?

The ALC windows need to be re-architected for it when one enters ALC mainW, goes to the donate for example, when we close the window on the "X" we get back to the base screen.
Should we go back to the ALC main page? Same with the ALC benefit window.

I know I've mention this before, but you really got to change the movement and fire ranging from linear distance to actual squares. There are some maps that is rather annoying to only move 1 square at the time/ per turn, when units have 2+ range. And it get's even worst when there are locked squares...

And there was another thing but it missed my mind.

Hope I've been somehow helpfull for the development of the game.
I do recognize that I almost didn't mentioned the positive sides of the game, or rather did put it all in just one or two sentences. But since this was a Closed Beta I believe the purpose was to point out the bads and not to writte a review of the game
Pls don't get mad lol

Waiting for this game to go live...


Hi Silver!

We have discussed your comments, they are every useful, feasible, and reasonable, those are what we going to improve. The first closed beta is gonna over soon(next few days), we will fix as much bugs as we can, optimize the functions, change some settings. Then we have a second closed beta( this one is for double check and optimization), and finally launch the Open beta. We'd like to invite you as our MOD of GW forum, and join our second closed beta test. Moreover, please leave your email, we will also reward you for sure. Thank you for all the help, we appreciate that. Hope we can provide a better game for ya'll.

Kind regard


Ok I'm back to civilization

I much appretiate your invite to become a MOD but I would like to know a bit more of what I'm suppose to do before I accpet it

I've noticed that some improvements have been made but why is the game getting stuck at instances? It's annoying since it happens a lot of times.
Btw, also noticed that the besiege Quests is bugged.


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