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We are All Ears: Suggestions Wanted for General War

Despite the quest bug with the first intance, i believe there is another bug related to it.
I've had the win screen without killing all the units.
I got it after killing the 2 elite tanks, but before killing either one or both the Nebelwever.


After reading around the forum, I have to agree with another player that mentioned the problem of RP and XP.
Despite agreeing with the RP requirement to buy units, I think it's a bit demanding on the RP side. At least in these early stages of the game.
I believe that a quick workaround to this would be to also reward RP when replaying campagin levels as for now we only get XP and silver.

Another issue he mentioned was the XP problem. and here I have to totally agree with him. With fast changing of units, leveling them, plus generals and leveling them, I also have a XP shortage problem.
had this same problem in closed beta 1 and now I'm having it again.
Atm I'm at lvl 33, finished Sevastopol but can't go any further because I need to level up units and generals.
And with the 5th unit slot opening soon, I can only imagine how it would be.

As for the suggestion side, I think that linking the Instaces unlock to campaign progress instead of player level would be more interesting and/or realistic.

Tomorrow I'll compile all my closed beta 1 posts into a single one and then make the comparison to closed beta 2.


Hi Silver-Star,
Welcome back t o General War. Of course we would give you a detailed job description on having your confirmation, please send me your currently using email by PM:).
About the bug reporting, thanks a lot for all those concerns, some of the problems you mentioned have been forwarded to developers, and for your further post, we will be looking forwards to and really appreciate:D. Feel free to contact us for any problem at all. Good to have you back here:).


Been trying to log into the game for the past 30 minutes and nothing.
using both chrome and IE with different accounts and in both stuck at about 80%


Hi Silver-Star,
Sorry that the server was glitched earlier, and it's now totally up and running. I replied your PM, please have a check:).


Server is down again

I can't get the game to load again.



Hi kodyvarnes,
It was yesterday's data updating glitch, we are now working on it. Will get the game back online asap. Sooooooooo sorry for the troubles and thanks a million for your loyal support to General War  


I must appologise for the very lenghty post this will be because I made a comparision from what I said from CB1 and now the CB2.

The first thing I, and I believe almost everyone noticed was that the CB2 is more instable then the CB1. Lots and lots of freezes in loading screens that become really annoying and to the occasional rage quit to take some air.

Now the point by point analysis.


-All Arena battles now reward RP regardless of the player level

Partially Solved:

-Mini-map obscured by the auto-pilot button. partially solved

Negative features:

-Lengthy tutorial -.-  not solved
-Unable to close the "Sweep" screen without canceling it or speeding it. not solved
-At the moment "Sweep" is only for VIP players AND the sweeps count for your daily battles. I suggest one or both changes to be made:
        1- keep it under VIP lock BUT remove the count for daily battles
        2- unlock it from VIP and keep the counter of daily battles. If so, 1 should be applyed.
I think that both sollutions are feasable, reasonable and proportional.
        not solved

-Low inventory space for "Items" not solved

-Unable to drag Areana map. not solved

-Battles or Levels that take place at the edge or very edge of the screen obscure the units. not solved

-Activate the "Construct" button right from the start so one does not need to be searching for the buildings.


-Remove fog of war from known unit position IF they don't move.
meaning when you lose an unit that was next to it, you will still se the enemy unit if it doesn't move.

-Add map grid with, or without, color coded, before we move an unit:
        -red: blocked terrain, (allways marked maybe?)
        -green: free terrain
        -yellow/orange: enemy unit (apply FOW rules, mening it will be green if not spotted and suggestion above)

-Show upcoming 2 or 3 units, gear in the shop without yet having the shop level to buy it.
It will help people organize their strategy and their shooping spree.

-Add equipement/items/units loot tables on instances so as to reward instance farming.
(pls don't push too much on this lol, meaning drops rates and "insane" gear/ units   )

-Improve quest text. The "sub quests" texts are not much help (some of them).

-cap the level at wich players can be conquered. Say 10 lvl gap. when the conqueror goes above this cap it should automatically release the conquered. This way one will never be an eternal puppet.
Also activate this feature only at lvl 20 or 25.(don't remember what it is now)
        The 10 lvl gap I mentioned is too high, reduce it to maybe 5 at most.

-Allow for both the current "move and fire" but also to "fire and move". Maybe reduce movement by one on the latter.

-Add a "market" so we can be able to sell and buy "MR"

-change the ranging and movement system from linear distance that it is now, to actual square range.
With that it will be possible to also move or fire in the same X value the unit has, diagonaly.

-Remake the shop layout for the "equipement". As it is now it is a big confusing. Make tabs for unit and gear type.
Also noticed that the pop-up to compare gear doesn´t allways appear, or at least it does not with artillery and infantry.

-On the Construct window, add also the hammer, or something, to mark with buildings are being upgraded.
Maybe replace the "Lv Up" button with the hammer that sows on the timer.

-Could it be possible to have some sort of signal on the left side unit bar has for an unit is available to move or fire on the battles?

-Add a delete button on the window that we read the message.

-The ALC windows need to be re-architected for it when one enters ALC mainW, goes to the donate for example, when we close the window on the "X" we get back to the base screen.
Should we go back to the ALC main page? Same with the ALC benefit window.


-Timers allways starts at "16" in the hour mark. hell this one beats my has for why.

-"Like" button does not dissapear and is annoying when attacking units at the top of the map.

-"CD Queue" box goes over the Chat box and makes it impossible to click on the CD box.

-If one presses the "End Turn" button while your units are on the move, on the next turn you get stuck and can't do nothing with them.
Also it seams that when your units counter-attacks, on the AI turn, sometimes, or most of the times, that unit gets stuck, as it had moved or fired, in the Player next turn.

-Can not activate the 3rd skill even though the tech center is already at lvl 41 and get a return message of not high eneught level.

-And a situation on the compound feature: made a fusion with gold and besides the failure, I also lost the frags. Something that the text of the gold fuse says it can not happen.

-Side quest that asks for Assault instance seams to be linked to Hero Leopold.


Now a post for the actual gamming experience.

The campaign levels of "Defending the Capital" , "Invasion of Egypt" and "Compass" have huge jumps of difficulty.
On compass with my units and Generals at level 41 it still tooke me several attempts to do it.
I was forced to go to the coumpund center and fuse the very best gear available there.
i do not believe that this will be a good thing for both the open beta or the actual live game. The casual player will get even stucker then I did and thus abbandon the game.

Linked to this is the fact that the units stats are a bit messed up.
The AI is making a lot of damage and also has a lot of HP.
I can not find a "logical" sequence on the units stats on the shop, like the one that exists on the units equipement. there are a lot of  "messy" jumps on attack, HP, defense spetially in the case of  Tanks and Infatry units that have their stats all messed up.
On the same note of units in the shop, I think that their RP requirements are a bit too high OR the level that a player is, related to the enemy units we face on the campaign is not matched to the units a player can have at that level.


lol. try the campaign called khieve, u will want to kill the designer. joking. but the map yiu listed is of np from me although it will be tough fhor lots of players. at level 49, lots of player will quit if they don't pay. no chance to pass that map if not spending lots lots of time farming Rp.


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