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We are All Ears: Suggestions Wanted for General War

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Hi Dark,
Thanks for your patience. We have found some issues and fixed them before released again. Now the server is open. Please feel free to log in. Have fun!


Meuse River Battle

I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but I am having "Our Turns" skipped over and the amount of time to do battle on "Our Turn" is very short.


events for ALC

dear GW,

i suggest u should have a event for ALCs to fight together, like arena.
it's boring if only do campain, arena, instance.


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Dear kumon2201, thanks for your great suggestion.
We will submit it to the related department for consideration.
The game will be improved better and better. Let's expect it together.  


[System] message in chat box

I suggest that you remove the [system] message from the chat box or provide us with the option to hide them.  

It is annoying when players are chatting and all a sudden, you see the chat box start to scroll incessantly as other players successfully fusioned some new weapons.

It's annoying enough to see it scroll at the top that there's no need to display it a second time in the chat box.  Many players have been mentionning it.
I am TugbaHooper's idol.


game doesnt reset today (05Jun)

Dear admin:

Game doesnt reset today. All we got zero levy time, zero batle times, and all dont reset after 00h00

Check pls


Game Bugs 6/7/

None of the battles are working properly. It's switching turns befor they are over even the ones that aren't timed like normal battles or constance or Arena etc... also some troops are shooting like 3 times in a row and it also had 4 of my troops miss in a row odd things like that, it's just horrible some times it burns through several rounds in under 5 seconds it's just out of control... I'm sure your all working hard and will resolve it all soon. there's several other probs but i gotta go. have a great day


the only thing you need to do

please do not add any new features in the near future.please fix the the problems now with the game b4 you add anything else that will cause a problem.i can most likely say i speak for everyone if you fix the glitches and consulate problem that we would be completely overjoyed with that.


Hi ranger,
Thanks for the kind reminding, we have emphasized  the consulate issue to the developers and they have put it in top of the bug list. We will be notifying you guys as soon as any progress coming out. Please wait in patience  


Systems avalible

Problem on windows 8 I can not play generals war on my windows 8. U should either somehow make this possible or build an app for the windows app store. In fact it would be a huge step for your company. So please make this possible.


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