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We are All Ears: Suggestions Wanted for General War

help please fix my exp

Dear admin:

Please Fix my exp.. my exp lvl now 17 cant go lvl 18.. stuck in lvl 17 now my exp 94949/80000  please hellp me.. URGENT

Check pls


We need a feature that will allow us to send a message to all members of the alliance. The bulletin board for alliance is just not enough. Thanks.


The communication system on this game needs  a big upgrade. When sending a message on private chat or sending a pm to another player is a big bug that needs to be fixed. When typing a PM or private chat, any time someone else types something into the all, world, or ALC chat, it will delete everything you type in your message. We cannot paste text into those chat boxes either. We should be able to cut and paste text from a word document or windows notepad for instance.

Often the players in the game don't communicate in the ALC chat and the ALC President should have a better format for communicating with the ALC. As I stated in the above post, we need a system that will allow us to email the entire ALC. The bulletin board just does not allow enough characters to be typed.


Server 5
We have a big issue with our instance battles. There is so much lag that we cannot control our units on the battlefield. I just did an instance with two members of server 5 in which we should have dusted Hero:Leopold off without any problem. The battle was a complete mess. All three of us could not control any of our units for most of the battle. We lost an easy instance battle that should have paid us off with loots, Exp, RP, etc.

Please work on the battlefield lagging. Please just get better at making the game what it should be. In essence, get better at your job.



Hi ...

its already been a week since my CONSULATE stop working properly ...
Please fix this coz i need to PLUNDER ...

More of it, may i suggest to put ALLIANCE detail on every member in CONSULATE LIST


Just a thought I have had this happen to me and seen several other players leave the game because of it. Maybe a level restriction on occupying another player should be in place having a level 40 plus sit on you at level 30 takes away from the game and there is no way to get them out of your city the difference in unit power is to grate. Make it so you can only be 2 or 3 levels higher than the player you intend to occupy so new players are not discouraged so quickly.



any update on the consulate bug? it has cost my alliance the ability to take part in land rush. No extra silver, no no silver to donate. My alliance was 3rd when my consulate stopped working. It really dose effect  , every part of the game. I can't see my occupier, nor do I have the chance to expel him. Always waiting for MR to to take part in battles....ect.. ect...

I noticed that both times my consulate stopped working was right after someone I was occupying ended occupation by paying gold.Might be something to look at.
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Can you make it possible to view replays of attacks on yourself when you are plundered. The same as you can watch a replay of attacks in the Arena. I think this would be good as we can learn from watching these what our weaknesses are and build a better force.


current events

Screen name - CerilDillon - s4.

I have noticed that all the current events ( arms race and training ) are completely biased towards the higher level players. For instance, in arms race, all of the top reward positions are occupied by high level players - they earn more via bank etc and obviously need to spend more to upgrade their troops due to higher cost. There is no way a mid to lower level player could possibly compete with this as we cannot even earn that amount of money in the game, therefor we cannot achieve a level high enough to earn any of the awards on offer. What i propose is a tiered system that would offer a chance to all level players to obtain some reward ie -
Level 10 - 20
Level 21 - 30
Level 31 - 40
Level 41 - 50
Level 50 - above
                              Each tier would offer more and higher rewards than the previous. This system would give all players a reason to participate in the events, give them an opportunity to gain rewards ( which they currently dont have ) and give them goals to achieve ie the next tier. I realise such a system may be difficult to impliment but even something simpler would be better than the current one which gives no opportunity to the lower level players


I would suggest a change  in events. Events now only gives rewards to top players meaning low cashers will never try to get anything also meaning they will never spent any money.

I would propose to have events like the ones we have in another gamebox game, wartune, on which rewards are given if you achieve a certain goal:  
* make a certain number of plunders
* make a certain number of instances
and so on

another good thing would be to have a fixed goal:
* spent 1M exp points in enhancing generals and you get prize
* spent 10M silver in enhancing equipments you get prize

and so on ...

This way everyone would be able to get a prize even if needs to spent gold to achieve the better prizes.

MrkurChase on S4


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