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We are All Ears: Suggestions Wanted for General War

I suggest that gamebox stop changing things that don't need to be changed.
For instance the still overly high amount of MR we now need for battle.
And now gamebox has decided to flood low level instances with battle items such as V1 missles and virus.
I was doing Hero Barbossa instances by myself because it's easier and at level 52, I should be able to do this whenever I want. But now, gamebox has decided to change the way we play.

We all see what's going on. It's about making money and we get that companies need to make money.
But now gamebox is bordering on gouging.

I suggest that gamebox post their battle matrix, so we can have an idea of what we are up against in these battles. A clearer explanation of strategy points for our battle items versus the computer that has an endless supply of strategy points to our limited amount. It doesn't make any sense to have enemy units 10-20 levels below our own that can take damage like they were on the same level.

If gamebox insists on making the game more difficult, then they can expect less people to show up and play. If gamebox insists on forcing players to use numerous battle items, then I suggest the game be altered to make these more affordable and battle items should be given out a lot more often in instance battles, city siege, campaigns, arena, etc.
The game needs a happy medium and gamebox is failing to achieve that. At higher levels, the last 6-9 battles of a campaign require us to use battle items and a lot of them, no matter how well equipped our units are.
Gamebox should learn that if the prices were lowered on anything that requires gold to purchase, they would get more players willing to spend a few dollars.

Stop changing what doesn't need changing and give us more information on battle matrix instead of having us guess.


colosseum still messed up on power battles stop being greedy and opening up 2-3 servers every other day and fix the 1s u have that way the regulars will b happier than having loads of different 1s sort this out b4 its to late and all ur VIP piss off to another rivals game where there valued because all I get back is we r looking into it so heres an idea LOOK INTO IT



In the game you can make a member of ACL Staff member  but you can not demote them, it is agervating they have to quit and rejoin. Also the ACL wars, needs some work it stinks that out of the whole ACL only 3 get rewards for completing it.


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