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Wartune Magister Recruitment

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This is the gs recruitment for Wartune.
If you want to be the NG for new servers, please reply under the thread for Odin Quest.
You can also contact NG leader Xyklon, he is in S4.


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Hi HughJass, after checking, you are only lv9 in S3, and you never logged in after May 15th.
If you still want to apply for the Magister, please be active in the game and confirm it first.


Hi all, Pumpkin has been selected as the Magister for S1.
Congratulations and enjoy your work, Pumpkin.
Please check you ingame mail as well.   


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Sorry to tell you we only need one Magister for this server at present.
We will consider your application next time and thanks for your enthusiasm.


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Hi Prodigy, thanks for your interest and support.
However, we have only released 3 servers, and our homepage is
Your server is 55, so please make sure you come to a right place, and welcome to playing in our platform.  


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