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Gamebox Star Issue I---A Real Xortoth in and out of Odin Quest

Gamebox Star Issue I---A Real Xortoth in and out of Odin Quest

Hi there,

My dear fellows, here comes the first issue of our Gamebox Star in April.
I believe all of you guys are expecting this exciting day as much as I am. Finally we get the chance to learn this mysterious Gamebox Star!
Is he a really geeky guy in game? Is he humorous or strict in real world? What does he really look like? How is he gonna answer the questions from his fellow players?
Well, the only thing I can say is that you are not goonna disappointed after reading this interview, and there is a great chance you will like this guy as a lot of others do. So now, here comes the hour for you to find all the answers! Let's now give it up to our Star--- Xortoth!

First to start with a picture of him:

Questions about Real Life

1.What is your favorite waffle topping? and what's your favorite kind of cheese?

I don't eat Waffles, and I don't really have favorite cheese either   I usually just eat normal cheddar cheese, or swiss cheese if i'm having a sub.

2.Do you really say put another shrimp on the Barbie?

No we don't   Atleast, I don't

3.If u get bit by a radio-active human, do you turn into Man-man, or Woman-man? and if so what would be ur super powers?

There is an opening here to become radio-active man from the simpsons, but i'll refrain   Honestly I don't really know how to answer this question    Nor do I understand the 'man-man' or 'woman-man' thing? I'm a man, so I guess I become man-man? And my super power is whatever the radio-activeness gives to me ;) The ability to walk through any substance possible would be pretty awesome though.

4.Would you prefer traveling by ship or airplane? Explain your answer.

Probably 'airplane', cause it's easier to relax I guess for me..I've never really gotten 'sea-sick' but I just feel more comfortable in a plane.

5.What would be the first thing you would do in a zombie apocalypse?

If I knew it was coming? Stock up on food and go visit a gun-shop , then strategize about if I was going to bunker down, or if I would travel..where I would go, and how I would go about it.

6.What's your idea of a perfect day? Do you sing while having a bath?

Dunno really, I like to be outside when the sun is first coming up on a nice cool morning, but that doesn't really constitute as a 'day'. Then again, I don't really believe 'perfect' exists, no matter what we are talking about. No I don't sing whilst having a bath, I only have showers 99% of the time

7.What is your favorite hobby outside of this game?

Outside of the game, probably sport, or the PS3, love my CoD..not that it's a hobby, but spending time with my son also.

Questions about Odin Quest

1.If you could create a creature for this game. what would it be/ look like, what would you name it, what abilities would it have, and what kind of saying you you have it say?

Hmm, if I guess it depends on the circumstances of it's creation, would it be a creature just in the outterworld, can I give it it's own dungeon etc. Ultimately I would like to create a Creature that has it's own dungeon, where when killed it respawns as a bigger harder monster. I guess it would be more of a 'test'.  I have a bit of a fascination with dragons, so I would create some 'godly' dragon, starting off small and as it dies it gets bigger and more terrifying until it reaches it's final form. I don't have much time to do this, so i'm really not sure what I would call it, and because im so fussy I don't want to just throw a name at it and say 'that'll do' .
As for abilities, again, I would need more time to REALLY think about it and tweak it all, but obviously some sort of powerful roar to stun opponents, and some kind of 'rage' where it crashes around causing large rocks to fall from the top of the dungeon into the room(dealing damage or crushing foes completely).

2.what events would you implement to keep players from losing interest and leaving and would any be permanent?

Hmm, event's are a difficult thing..Personally I think each server needs it's own genuine and unique events, based on the level etc of the server. What is the point of having an event on a new server where they can obtain level 90 gear they can't use for 6months for example.
This being said, there are a few events that everyone seems to like, Monster Attack being one of them, I would like to see this event become a permanent part of OQ, maybe the first week or last week of each month, with varying drops and rewards in the chests each month.
The rune event was quite popular, as everyone could participate and everyone felt like they actually had an equal chance to win this.

As for my own events?  I would probably create some event where it was split into categories of levels, so everyone no matter what level they were, had a chance at for 'what' would be required in the event, I wouldn't be sure, but the idea is there anyway

3.What keeps you motivated to keep playing the game after such a long time

I'm fairly..not competitive, but..i like to finish games..i spent weeks playing CoD etc on veteran difficulty and refused to stop until i'd completed every single level, and accomplished everything there was to accomplish, and this is probably what keeps me on OQ..Until I run outta things to do, or feel I have accomplished all there is to accomplish I will probably keep playing.

4.In your opinion what is the greatest aspect of Odin Quest and how does it impact the way you play?

Hmm..I guess the 'greatest' aspect of OQ is that it's always changing, but another thing is that, despite the 'afk system' and the fact you click on a link and it does your quests for you, there is also the in depth side of skills, how to use em, when to use em brings a lot to the game.

5.what is the strongest/scariest boss in the whole server? is there a title of killing that boss?

This I can't really answer, since I have not seen all the bosses in the game yet    but hmm..Griffon WB was pretty scary when it first came out tho


Okay, here comes the end of the interview, and also the end of our Game Star Issue 1.
We are now collecting the name list for the second issue of the Game Star, if you have someone in your mind fits this event, please do not hesitate to reply or contact us by email or a GM ticket.

Hope you get the most fun here in Gamebox . See you guys next time!


OH YEAH! Thanks X's great support! You're the shinning star!       


I vote Kiwi for the next issue


  Xortoth .. please send me free ticket to gold coast   



You are as interesting and mysterious as your OQ presence. Thanks for a great interview!


Xor killed the nexts candidates for star ?      


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