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【GW Updates】09/17/2014

【GW Updates】09/17/2014

•        The rewards of Rank-related events will be automatically sent to players via mail. The mail will be sent after the event, there can be a minor delay.

•        You can check cross-server rank now. The player can check cross-server rank in the original rank interface as long as his/her level reaches 50. There’re 3 types of cross-server rank: Level, Reputation, Rating.

•        A new tip has been added:Protection is not effective since there’s an uprising in your colony at the moment.

•        The detailed stats of the troop in World War will not be displayed anymore.

•        The bug during newbie guide which prevents the tip arrow from disappearing after leveling up the troop has been fixed.

•        The bug which prevents new players from entering event ranks has been fixed.

•        The display bug of player rank has been fixed.

•        The 3 different VIP modes (7, 30, 90) will be combined into one mode only (30 days). You can only buy 30-day VIP from now on. An additional tip will be added: The player can enjoy an additional 5-day VIP time if he/she buys VIP before current one expires.

The display bug in World War when the enemy flag is destroyed has been fixed.

•        The bug which prevents troop from enjoying equipment and general buff in World War has been fixed.

•        The freeze bug in City Siege and resource exchange quests has been fixed.

•        The avatar display bug of 5 new generals has been fixed.

•        The bug in news feed which occurs when reading character nickname has been fixed.

•        The bug in World War which occurs when claiming city rewards has been fixed.

The player used to be stuck at World War-related Daily Quest (10/50). The bug has now been fixed.

•        The bug in Landrush has been fixed.


This patch hasn't been applied to S1-S2.  I don't see any of the bug fixes nor changes here above mentioned.
I am TugbaHooper's idol.


I hope this patch will never be applied. VIP modes changes are bad. Just another way to get Money from us.


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