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Curent skill system is very boring all the skills is prety much the same even among clases diference only in animation range and damage % to make game more interesting i think they shoud have added secondary efects atleast if not from begining then when they reach LVL 10, 4example mage fireball adds burn efect, evil spirits  has 5% to reduce def by 5%(can stack up to 3 times) ice has 10% to slow movement by 20% comet has 2% to stun target for 1s
warrior falling slash 5% to add bleed efect cyclone(maybe this one is good as it is) cross slash has 5% to criple slowing movement by 10% death stab has 3% to ignore barier while in pvp also warrior buff need to be fixed "Light of Life" right now at lvl 310 with str 1600 agi 528 stamina 1100 int 283 it gives 60 max hp and its ridiculous its compolytly useless, i dont know if its based on int or what but it shoud add atleast 200-500 hp at this point to be of any use
Archer power shot 5% to root target in place for 1s(target can attack but not move)  multi shot 5% chance to multi shot all around u(instead of just in front it would be maybe 20 arrows or so) infinity arrow 10% to slow target down by 10% penetration 5% to ignore 25% of targets defence(pvp)

keep in mind that these efects are just examples of what could be done i came with them on the spot and i think it would increase enjoiment of pvp greatly(if its balanced corectly ofc)


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