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Well few updates back alliances finaly got upgrades but there are still few things missing or simply not balanced etc.
so as im my alliance leader i will post it from that perspective.

alliance post needs to be upgraded, it would be nice that then leader changest post every alliance member would eather get announcement of the post itself right on the screan or simply that post was changed or they would receive a mail with eather post itself or info that it was changed, it could also apear in alliance chat.
it would be good if in alliance list it showed how much players contributed gold and diamonds separatly instead of put together it would make alot easer to know who contribute to alliance more and whom to reward first.

saloon: alliance prayer = is insanly overpriced for practicly no reward at lvl 310 i need to use 200 contribution to get 3mil xp, u might argue that it has a chanse of giving extra item but out of 20~ times i used it never got anything so its basicly worth 20 contribution that i get yet i need to use 200 change its practicly same if not lesser then normal prayer then being 4 times more expensive(simple pray cost 500k gold) u could keep it same but add a function that u always get extra item but make % by category the beter item the lower % that u get that item(while making sure that its 100% u get someting every time)

Logs: contribution logs please if posible make it so u can check atleast logs since day started(server reset for next day) now u can barely see back 2 hours (becose now it keeps like 20~ last contributions) and u cant realy check how everyone was contributing that day
as for application to join alliance logs u need to rework whole thing, old version was alot beter now u cant see who is appling beside name and u cant click on them for option to start chat or viev stats/equipement so basicly u are acepting people blind

List: list overall is good but i noticed that even tho alliance leader updates post, the post in alliance list (if u click on view) is updated only after server maitenance

as for alliance level gold amount to contribute is fine but diamonds is simply ridiculous for lvl 4 it need 3000 diamond then if its lvl 10 what it will need at this rate 30k? 100k? its practicly imposible it forces people to spend diamonds and thats super unfair and its first time im seeing such nonsense, while i can understand that yes u gave people oportunity to earn cash curency in market but these amounts is still ridiculous they need to be removed or atleast reduced drsticly after all alliance is meant to be a gathering of same minded people to have fun but when game forces people to spend cash or atleast to feel like they need to its taking the mood out of players.



as a player i agree with the alliance pray but with the diamonds i dont think its a big deal..just think iff u hit lv 10 on the alliance and it costs 30k diamonds you will have 100 members and iff all the members donate 100 diamonds per day (which its very reasonable) you will get 10k diamonds and you will have all the diamonds for max lvl in 3 days my opinion the problem is the gold you will have a ridiculously amount of gold to get to lvl 10 and with 2kk each a day it will take some searously amount of time


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