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Knight's Fable v2.7.7: Four new heroes will come in Carnival!

Knight's Fable v2.7.7: Four new heroes will come in Carnival!

We at Knight’s Fable operation team are excited to announce that the long-waited four new heroes will come to Carnival event! The update will come on October 9th 2014, but it won’t affect your progress in game, simply refresh the game after the update complete!

Time: 2014.10.9
Server: all servers

New heroes:
Four new heroes with their special skills and fate skill which will give different classes bonus stats during the fighting! So you all can pick up your own special hero according to the stats info at upcoming Carnival event.

Apollo, the god of light and sun, was a gentle god. But he has been known to lose his temper if provoked enough. When he does, Apollo always gets even in very clever ways.

Ares, Apollo's brother and the god of war, is true royalty as far as the gods are concerned and often gets involved in the wars of men. He does not care who wins or loses a battle. He just wants bloodshed.

Athena, the goddess of intelligence and military strategy, is the embodiment of wisdom, reason, and purity. If you choose her as your partner in Knights Fable, she will be a great help in winning battles!

Hermes is always full of fun. He is very bright and always has many great ideas. A natural athlete, Hermes’ mischievous grin is enough to melt any heart. His silver tongue seems to enable him to talk others into just about anything. Both gods and humans alike trust Hermes.

The mighty gods are now available in Knight's Fable, and they have come all the way from Mount Olympus to help you defeat the force of evil and save the world!
Hot event:
Carnival from October 10th to 14th and rewards can be collected at October 15th.

1.The bug that some chests form AW opens out wrong gift.
2.The bug about Essence synthesis in Hell Portal.


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