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Mouse Heavy Tank: Germans Fantasy Part I

Mouse Heavy Tank: Germans Fantasy Part I

WWⅡis the golden age for heavy tanks. There’s no doubt about the combat ability of heavy tanks, take the King Tiger of Germany as an example, its weight was 70 tons, the thick of armor in front of the turret was 180mm. It equipped a 88mm artillery which could destroy any tank in 2000m. However, even King Tiger can’t satisfy Hitler. Hence, in the summer of 1942, he ratified a plan to develop a huge tank weighted 188 tons. Its weight was 3 times of the Elephant, 3.5 times of Tiger, 4 times of Panther though it was named Mouse. And that is the heaviest tank in the world-Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (Mouse)

On July 8th, Hitler discussed with Speer about the future development of German weapons. Hitler commanded that a super-heavy tank should be developed, it should equip a canon, the thick of the frontal and flank armor should reach 200mm and 180mm. If possible, it can also be a assault artillery. It seems a crazy and absurd quest since the heaviest tank of German army just equipped a canon whose caliber was 88mm in the 100mm armor. However, the designer Porsche likeed absurd ideas so he agreed immediately. Hitler then ordered officially Porsche to design and Speer to make sample and mass-produce.  

Porsche returned and set up a special team for it. He told the fellows the standards and wanted them to use rare metals as much as possible. Though having a broad horizon, they were still shocked by the strange object. They all doubted whether the monster was needed, however, the spirit replaced puzzlement and doubt, they devoted into the project. The colonel of army weapon bureau, Hannah supervised the project which is called: Porsche 205, Project/Mammoths/Mouse super-heavy tanks.        

Hitler was interested in “205 project. On 3rd January, 1943, he invited   to introduce Mouse and checked the sample which was so huge that Hitler was fascinated and made no change to it., though he wanted to add personal idea. Later, it entered the producing line. On April 6th, 1943, the whole size wooden model came out. Hitler checked it on May 14th. After amending, the sample began assembling on August 1st.


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