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Reincarnation: The details.

Reincarnation: The details.


Reincarnation is a new feature to Warflare that allows players to trade in levels for more attribute points. I am just writing a simple guide on what to expect from reincarnating and what you will and won't lose.

-The Requirements.

The requirements are as follows:

1st reincarnation

  • You will require level 350 to initiate the reincarnation.
  • You will also require 200 blessing gems.

2nd reincarnation

  • You will require level 400
  • You will require 200 souls gems

3rd reincarnation

  • You will require level 450
  • You will require 200 heavenly gems

-The downside

  • 350 reincarnation will set you back to level 50
  • 400 reincarnation will set you back to level 100
  • 450 reincarnation will set you back to level 150

The Details of how many levels you lose

If you initiate the reincarnation at level 350, you will be set back to level 50. If your level exceeds 350 when you reincarnate you will receive the exp for each level above the required level. So you will be set back to level 50 then instantly gain all of the exp you earned from level 350 to your current level back on top of the level 50 you were dropped to, This varies as some players will have a higher level than others when reincarnating.

-The benefits of reincarnating

Upon reincarnating you are awarded base points for using the feature. For example: the first time you reincarnate you are awarded 200 base points (attribute points). You will also gain access to the dice roll, Please note: the dice roll is a random amount of points, some players may get more than others. the range on these points are from 0-200, the max amount of points you can gain from the dice roll are the same as you base points for that re-incarnation. so you can get any amount between 0-200 for the first reincarnation.

You will have more points than a same leveled player that has not re-incarnated.

-The losses
Upon reincarnating you will lose levels. losing levels means you will no longer have access to a map that has a greater level requirement than your own level. you will also lose access to higher level dungeons and daily quests, thus meaning you rate of exp will fall. (unless you try to stay above the highest dungeon level requirement)

Please post below if you have any more questions
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show me the table necessary exp per lvl , lvl 1-500


i do not have access to that, if i get permission i will add it.


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