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Are you fuking kidding with us?

Are you fuking kidding with us?

m mad...rlly mad.WAY TOO MAD! Like mostly WHOLE s19


MErigng one of the ''youngest'' servers with those old servers that are MONTHS ahead.
You DESTROYED s19 players all chances to get anything out of effort they put in this game.
Our money and time spent here to achieve something are thrown to wind cos u made this merge.
Really that much hunger for more money?  GUess what...biggest spenders s19 probably gonna quit.Good JOB!
And dont give me ''we want servers to live'' crap cos  thats total bul...
Also...Lame compesation of 500 rubies and some xp and silver should be enough? u should give us ATLEAST 10 times what u gave.

Game developers or whoever makes decisions about this gmae is totall idiot and hav no knowlege on how market works.
Instead of having more people playing,ur gona ose half now.

ANd stop pretending like we are some dumbshit.WE ARE CUSTOMERS.UR HERE FOR US!


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