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[GUIDE] Awakened Cards

[GUIDE] Awakened Cards

Hey guys!

I figured I would write a guide up on how to obtain awakened cards and run through the VIP boss fight as well.

1.) This is the tab you click on to access the VIP boss
2.) Daily attempts you can do the boss
     1 attempt per day for Non VIP
     2 attempts per day for VIP

After defeating the VIP boss you have a chance to obtain the corresponding awakened fragment depending on the gate pass you choose to fight. Currently only humans are available.

Awakened Fragments are used to enhance Non-Elite (e.g Templar, Squire). You need 99 Awakened Fragments of the same class as the card you are trying to enhance to Awakened as well as ~3.3 million silver (unless you sacrifice godlike cards to lower the silver cost.)

Enhancing an Elite card (e.g Augustus, Elke) you will need a Black Opal. Currently Black Opals are only available in Gold Rush events as the 50,000 gold spent reward. Enhancing an Elite card with a Black Opal requires only the Black Opal, no silver is required.

You cannot enhance Elite cards unless they are already a godlike version. Awakened fragments can ONLY enhance Non-Elite and Black Opal can only enhance Elite. Awakened fragments cannot be combined to make a Black Opal at this time either.


The VIP bosses you face will only summon awakened versions of their races cards. Fights against the VIP bosses will be 1v1 only.
Your hero HP is higher while fighting the awakened bosses as the awakened cards can easily provide a challenge with smaller HP amounts.
Fights have 3 lanes each instead of 2 or 4.

Starting HP : 80
23 card deck

Summons awakened versions of the following cards
Champion Knight

All units that Augustus plays are physical damage and he does not play any removal or direct damage skills. This is a key way to defend against him using Armor/Physical reflection.

Hope this clears up some confusion players might have about obtaining Awakened cards and where to find the VIP bosses.

[ This post finally by Malucifer on 2014-10-25  20:09 edit ]


I am VIP player and have only 1 daily challenge. Is this a bug or do you need to be VIP 10?


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