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Updates [4th Nov]

Updates [4th Nov]


        1. The consumption and effect of skill upgrade are adjusted.
               Effects of buff skills are enhanced.   

        2. Advancement Skills and Skill Books for every class are added.

        3. Rewards of Royal Arena online event are adjusted.
                No more equipment will be found in the golden chest,
                but skill books and skill points.
                Meanwhile, the reward of skill points is omitted from other events.

        4. Synthesis of Rank 5 – Rank 8 medals is added.
                Players can synthesize better medals on the reputation interface.

        5. Lucky wheel is opened during limited time.
                Medal frags and skill books of advancement can be obtained.
                Lucky List:
                1st advancement skill scroll (Mage, Swordsman, Archer)
                2nd advancement skill scroll (Mage, Swordsman, Archer)

                Medal Frags*2
                Medal Frags*5
                Medal Frags*10
                Medal Frags*20
                Medal Frags*50
                Medal Frags*100

        6. Treasure housed is closed.

        7. Monster Invade is closed.


        1. The chief of the alliance can check the basic info of the applicants.

        2. Refresh interval of the world boss is reduced.

        3. After reincarnation, the character can still enter the high-leveled map.


Update issue

Hi guys,

I think the update isn't working properly in server 10. Everyone has very low damage, as well as, unable to teleport to any maps. Also the skills are automatically locked to using a combination of all the attacks. Just thought you guys should be aware,




is there gonna be sumthing so we can reset our skillz to zero get the sp back so we can redo our skillz


Really!? If you want us to leave your game just say so. Even curse at us, but just don't serve up this nonsense and expect us to accept it. Expect an exodus of players. By far the worst thing you could have done to this game.
<=- Warflare S1-ODIN: Cybotage -=>


I do not think they intened to update the skills this way, if this is the case you guys need to relook the update as soon as possible. The workings mechanisme of the skills is changed in such a way that pvp and farming is nearly impossible. To wait 5 secs to re-use a skill will be the same as having a pvp fight against someone with 100% health all the time. It will be imposible to kill someone and even so to do boss runs. With 4 people we take down Dreadfull in aproximatly 1 hour. With this new skillset we will need atleast 4x more time to kill this boss.

I love the idea of combining skills but the way it set right now is not contributing anything to the gameplay. Besides the update itself we have severe bugs in the servers themselves people cant warp to other maps, the character panel is still bugged and some other bugs still remain in the servers. I understand you  guys want to deliver new gameplay to us everyweek. But this update ( if it will remain  the way it is ) will give me the option to leave.


Kurito S15


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