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DMG calc THEORY by Ariquerex

This theory has a right to live, but there is one but.
By simply leveling and apparently outleveling a target makes you deal increased damage to it and receive decreased damage from it even if none of you other statistics rise, I mean you intentionally don't upgrade anything you wear or your skills, you just level higher and get small bonuses from levelups.

There should be something like that, your theory doesn't consider it, but it exists.


I don't know, maybe it works for some low-def def tests, but simply leveling makes your life easier with bosses which you couldn't defeat before.
There is a boss named Thunder Giant in DC, I removed all my servants except FD and myself, because everything else died really fast.
I don't remember what was my level when I first met him, probably it was somewhere near 70, but he was simply destroying me.
Each next level I was taking, I returned to him and tried to kill, and it was easier and easier, though nothing changed in my equipment and skills, I didn't change essences or upgrade totems (was saving them).
In a few more levels without any other changes I passed this stage.
I don't know whats with your formula, but leveling makes it easier.


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