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Ultimate boss slaying guide.

Selecting party members


Would it be possible improve the way in which we have to target our party members in order to put say the soul barrier, wargods fury and greater defence on. Especially because bosses take up most of the screen, as well as some bosses being close by to other monsters, like lord zacan, it makes it quite difficult to have to target party members. From my perspective, I land up targeting party members mounts, or monsters or the boss more many more times than I actually target my own party members. In some cases if my party members are directly below the boss, it is impossible to target them, without getting them to move. So my suggestion is either, in the list of party members, could there be a way we can just click on their name and it targets them, or maybe an auto buff option, like the swordsmans light of life where it automatically gives near by players the buff.

I think this option would greatly improve game play, and would allow players to survive with greater ease against bosses.


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