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Ultimate boss slaying guide.

Ultimate boss slaying guide.

Have you tried to team up for boss slaying yet? Are you struggling to find the right balance to slay bosses with ease? We have produced a guide for you to give you the edge on bossing in Warflare and to make you the ultimate boss slayer.

With the new skill system each class has there own unique benefit to bring to the team with buffs and also there attacking skills. Below i will show which skills are best to level for each class and which skills to use primarily for boss slaying.


The swordsman is the most crucial part of bossing, it can make a massive difference, there toughness is the best on the game, the job of a swordsman is to tank the boss, Gaining as much hp as you can is ideal. Keeping the boss in combat does not allow it to heal as fast in comparrison to no-one attacking the boss at all, if all team members die the boss will quickly regain hp.

Attack skill: Death Stab

Level  5 - Increases strength by 5% while attacking enemies, lasts 30 sec. Can be accumulated.
Level 10 - 10% chance to Stun the target, lasts 3 seconds.
Level 20 - Increases strength by 10% while attacking enemies, lasts 30 sec. Can be accumulated.
The above attacking skill allows you to increase your damage output and at the same time stun the boss for some much needed healing or buffing time.

Buff: Light of Life

Hp will be increased the higher the level.

The above skill is crucial for all party members and yourself. It can make a difference between life and death during bossing. It increases all players maximum HP. I advise trying to max this skill out as soon as you can if you wish to boss frequently. Leveling this skill may also allow you to put more attribute points into strength and agility increasing your damage output.


The mages buff in game is one of, if not, the best in game. The mages role is to be the big hitter, we can do lots of damage to a boss whilst also decreasing there damage output. I will show you the best skills for a mage that are currently available.

Skill: Comet Fall

Level  5 - Increases total intellect by 5%, lasts 30 sec. Can be accumulated.
Level 15 - 20% chance to decrease targets Damage by 20%, lasts 15 sec.
Level 20 - Intellect increases by 10%, lasts 30 sec. Can be accumulated.

As you can see above, The comet fall skill is by far the best skill to level when it comes to single target damage output. At level 10 comet fall has the chance to decrease all bosses damage by 20% this is a big difference in terms of surviability.

Buff: Soul barrier

As the skill level grows, the damage reflection will be increased by 5%, 10%, 20% and 25% accordingly.

This Buff also takes some damage and takes it off of your mana points instead of health points also decreasing the total damage you and your teamamtes receive. The reflection is a bonus when it comes to bossing as it can make killing the boss alot quicker and save you money on potions.


The archers main role in game when it comes to bossing is simply DPS (damage per second). With archers primarily being high in agility there hit rate is the best by far. This class dishes out the most damage over time. With their skills and buffs they are a treat to any party.

Skill: Penetration

Level  5 - Agility is increased by 5%, lasts 30 sec, can be accumulated..
Level 15 - 20% chance to decrease 20% of the targets defence, lasts 15 seconds.
Level 20 - Agility is increased by +10%, lasts 30 sec. Can be accumulated

This is the best skill to use in terms of damage and to help your team mates. Your agility bonus from this skill stacks increasing your overall damage and also your defence success rate and attack success rate. This makes you essential in bringing down a boss and can save your team a lot of time when it comes to it.

Buff: Wargod's Fury
Level  5 - Additional 5% attack success rate
Level 10 - Additional 5% damage
Level 15 - Additional 5% lucky strike rate
Level 20 - Additional 5% superior strike rate

Buff: Greater Defence

Level  5 - Additional 5% dodge
Level 10 - Additional 5% damage reduction
Level 15 - Additional 10% dodge
Level 20 - Additional 10% damage reduction

Again, The above buffs are extremely good, Increasing all party members DPS and Surviability. Buffing team members frequently and doing damage output makes archers essential to any team.

So as you can see in this guide. It is best to have all classes present during a boss hunt. All 3 buffs and attacking skills stacked make most bosses killable with ease.

Credits go to GM’s for information on skills.


Thank you for your suggestion Q man, i will be forwarding that to the GM's great idea, Also meanwhile you can use your keyboard for auto targeting. If you use a English keyboard the key you need to use is the @ key (do not press shift though). The key you must use for some keyboard is the ~ key. try these in-game I hope this helps.


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