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Updates [18th Nov]

Updates [18th Nov]

1.        No Astral points can be obtained in Astral Tower. The Astral Point is replaced by EXP. Other contends remain the same.
2.        Former Solo Astral Dungeon is reopened.
3.        The balance of class skills is adjusted.
4.        Difficulty of World BOSS and team dungeons before lv 300 is lowered, but excel equipment dropping rate is raised.
[Fixed BUG]
1.        Fixed the bug of the big difference between the score of wing and its actual increasing attribute.
2.        Display error after finishing alliance quests is fixed.

        Online event of Astral Soul Tower is added. Astral Soul dungeon is omitted.


Astral Soul tower will be opened at a regular time every day.

There are 25 floors, every floor will have 4 random teleports, only one of them can teleport you to the upstairs, other 3 will teleport you to the downstairs.

When you enter the first floor, plenty of Astral Soul Stones will appear in 10 sec. Collect Astral Soul Stone can obtain plenty of Astral Points.

Meanwhile, all players in the tower will get rewards of astral points every other 10 sec.

Rewards of collecting astral soul stones and astral points every other 10 sec will depend on which floor you are in. The higher floor you are in, the richer rewards you will get.
        Forge, Excel and other functions are added to the tutorial.

[Fixed BUG]
        Display of skill points in High Warlord and Unrivaled is removed.
        Prompt error in the chat is fixed.

        Arrangement of the skill interface is optimized.
        Skill names are optimized.


Thanks for the warning on the start of maintenance. So very nice of you. Excellent customer service.
<=- Warflare S1-ODIN: Cybotage -=>


S 14 Demeter Error

SQLSTATE[3D000]: Invalid catalog name: 1046 No database selected

Fix it please so we can all play.

Thank you!


u make all astral time like thats.. atleast put one at 9pm till 12pm time.. thats time most ppl still work use u brain abit pls


at first im wondering why all high lv players still entering exp tower .. if they can get much more xp on mobs rather than wasting there time in xp tower .. and now i figured it out .. the reason why they still want to go to 25 floor is to get the last big flower on floor 25 to get 250k of ASTRALS !!! what the hell is this ? AS U GM'S SAID ON UR POST ON UR UPDATE THAT THERE IS NO MORE ASTRAL WILL GET AT THE TOWER AND INTEAD IT WILL REPLACED BY XP ! THIS IS UNFAIR ! only 1 player will get that a lot of astrals .. what about the others ? i suggest to change it again to astral tower so other can get astral even they cant reach the floor 25 !



damage mage bug?


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