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[Wall of Shame] Arena Cheaters

[Wall of Shame] Arena Cheaters

Rule of PvP cheating (Score boosting rule)

Dear summoners,
To make a better gaming environment, we have made the following rules to prevent future score boosting.

If a player’s main account battles with his other accounts and the other accounts lose on purpose or surrender, this will disturb the PvP rankings and will be treated as score boosting.

Once we receive a report regarding score boosting it will be investigated and the following punishments will ensue:

1. The first time the player is caught, their name will be displayed here on the wall of shame for all players to view.
2. After a 2nd time score boosting, the player will be banned for 1 day and their score reset to 0.
3. After a 3rd time score boosting, the player will be banned for an entire month.

However, if your friend gives in occasionally, it won’t be treated as cheating but it will be looked into how many times this is done.
To keep the PvP environment fair, please comply with the rules and supervise each other. We believe that if you work hard, you will get satisfactory results without boosting your score.

RoM Team


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