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Anybody DIY something interesting?

Anybody DIY something interesting?

Hey again guys...

I am known for 2 things around here a) being a knee jerk reactionist grumpy old curmudgeon and b) crazy talk about undead armies and zombie bears

So I figured I'd add a thread to highlight a bit less of option A and a little more of option B ;p  Im going to show you guys my somewhat underwhelming Z.Bear as promised and hopefully it either inspires people to do weird things and mix up this game a little or inspires people to post their 'pet project' servs here for people to peruse...

So I got my Z.Bear to lord level (gold) from being a lowly white common bear purchased at the recruiter somewhere around March of 2014 for 5k white souls(as a little bit of reference as to how long something like this can take)...I am a VIP5 as of about August and a VIP 3 as of about March...I've played fairly consistently but also have missed a pile of days...I play very cheaply and frugally and dont spend much ingame and am always hoarding for something

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note1, he only has 3 of 5 lineages as I was stalling on some biggies like slaughter dragon (ahem) from plunder

note2, his 4th active is coming from library floor 6 which I am 5k learning essence from

note3, his gear is awaiting level 80 versions before it gets upgraded more

note 4, he is somewhat underwhelming as his recommendation is only 2 stars but his inclusion into my undead team negates that negative i think


hi threeminter thx for the kind words...feel free to add some of your projects here I would love to see and I'm sure others would too...

I love suggestions know as well as I that when this game came out here in NA there was very little resources to be reviewed...I would love to say that everything here is trial and error but that isnt completely accurate - trial and error implies I changed things after they didnt work and in IL I find the cost of undoing mistakes to be too great..that being said I dont believe I messed him up too bad...I like all 4 of your suggested skills for him FOblivion, FPractice, Crit and Hit ...the skills you see above in many cases were merely just the best thing I could get the library to spit out

your take on these skills I don't weigh lightly...

I was thinkin Fire Realm next since I almost have it in my you kinda got me thinkin I should drop one of the others if I do that ;p

anyhow you guys should show me your pet projects...many people on my server that had really interesting DIYs have quit..


Wow Threeminter and grats all your guys are awesome...I really like your choices of ds also for human/demon..sounds and looks extremely strong...    
I don't think many of my ds will ever get to those power levels.  If they do it will be another year or 2 ;p

sorry for the brief blurb, you deserve more tbh, hard to talk when picking your jaw off of the floor hehehehe
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also your thunder giant must be in the running for stongest former white common ds NA



12-1 @ lev 78 Frita? wowowow

Priest is op pls nerf ;p

also I wish I could give Snijts better advice with his undead team...tbh I think his team is better than mine
[ This post finally by BammerDuScammer on 2014-11-18  07:55 edit ]


I'm gonna keep your demon maid in mind when building my Frankenstein...Frank is bound to be my only thunder dude so he better be a darn good one!  ; D


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