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Weapon Bug

Weapon Bug

the swordsman weapons rank 6 rank 9 and rank 10 are bugged. Im not getting the atk speed from them. I have equiped rank 7 doomsawtooth and that one works fine. I dont know about the other ones. Please have a look into it.

The item name of helmet and armor its the same...dragonfire breastplate.

Olso in scarlet castle it says that pkssible drops blees maya playing for 2 months and i didnt got 1 gem. In exp dungeon i think its the same..please just check

One more thing. Please do something with connection. If i refresh or just close my client or browser takes me a lot of time to reconnect because it stops loading at 8/9 or just says failed to connect.
I can post some screenshots if required.

I eddited for this. This is not that serious but u know the wheel that appears after we do rep.astral or exp dungeons it only stops up. Can u make it to stop on whatever we win there?

Many thanks and have a nice day
[ This post finally by Gorobetele on 2014-11-18  06:11 edit ]


Hello Gorobelete,

Thanks for your report..

Issues about weapon speed, helmet and armor sharing the same name and disconnection has been forwarded to developers for further check and improvement.

And there is possibility to get gems in scarlet castle and EXP dungeon. your feedback would be submitted for consideration and wish you good luck next time.

Warm wishes at Thanksgiving.    


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