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Forums Event Suggestions

Forums Event Suggestions

Have a great idea for a good and fun forum event? Why not share it with us and maybe we can make it happen   

Please feel free to use this thread to get your ideas across

But please keep it 100% to topic.


Refer a friend

How about a refer a friend bonus? Give a bonus package to an established player if a new friend is referred and VIP's!


Thats a pretty good idea. It would help get more people playing too.
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#1 Atlas of Odin
visit every zone to find the rare pages of the atlas low level players can trade pages with high level players in order to get the full book
zones that you can not get to i.e. zone 80 if player is only 70. can be dropped by level 80 mobs in Tal or test.

reward LittleWings gold pass (365day unlimited LittleWings and Team can be transported when standing very close together)

#2 Blood of the Bosses
every boss from Deep boss, Test Bosses, Tal Bosses(easy, normal,hard and nightmare) to Word Bosses gives a drop of blood when killed. collect as many as you can.
Blood sword stone(or other weapon)  keep stone  in inventory for extra blood lust damage
trade in for an HP regain stone i.e blood from (blood drops from 54 bosses = 500 hp regain per 30sec or something like that)

#3 Word Boss Ghosts
With special googles you can see the ghost of past world bosses wandering out in the world in different zone. those without Googles on can't see or take damage from them.

rewards: ghost skins lasting just a day but great +%

just a few thoughts
hope one of them is worth a VIP

cheers and happy hunting


oops miss read that, thought it was event suggestion, i see it's forum event suggestion
my bad


They are great ideas Ragefire! Feel free to make your own post under the suggestion and bugs board for faster replies from the Gamebox leadership! They appreciate all the effort we put into our suggestions.
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1# i have an idea i don't know it will procied but may you can make frags for Skins    
      that can help much people to have 1   but than with an high frags.

2# make more pets    i can got only some and how much i have see is most are secrets.
      please make in Pet island more hidden bosses than only coffee calf

3# maybe you can make new system with pet frags as when you got some you can enter pet dungeon but than with blue and purple pets ^^
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suggestion for Runes

I play on s13/14 and its a pain when i farm runes, and not room left in my bag.  Since the gems have it own tab, why dont you gues make a tab for runes only? It be alot easier to farm and collect item and so on.
thank you for your time.


What About A Stay Online Event With Separated Items Instead Of Packs???

Exemple:  Prestine Wings Jigsaw x1 50 Points
          Lucky Crystal lvl 5 x1 150 Points
          .....And Other Items

But instead of 1 weak of event make 2 or put 5mins = 2points

Its Not Great Event But I Think PPl Would Like It,And Its Good For The Newbies.


Skin suggestions

How about Star Wars themed skins? Like for the ladies, Princess Lea, and for the guys, Luke Skywalker? Or maybe Sonic the Hedgehog skins, or u can add Princess Toadstool to the Super Mario Brothers theme, or Ghost Rider... OR...  COMIC WEEK!!! (Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Super Girl, Harley & the Joker, Poison Ivy, X-Men... the list goes on) What do u guys think??


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