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Login authentication failed

and again...getting tiresome...always around Worldboss or Dark Tournament the ping i get from your Server skyrockets and i get massive lag...then disconnected...and then cant login for like 2-3h. Sometimes i can get in...just to disconnect within a few minutes or seconds again.

Its like every second day that this happens and i am at a loss why...Ping right now varies around 660-1.3k.
Ping to my provider is 20ms...speed 52mbit.

Using Client...but with browser its the same.

S14 Leviathan
Char: Jeanine

it got better again like 15min later...but that this always happens with some daily interval is really annoying.
[ This post finally by Jeanine on 2014-12-15  13:31 edit ]


^^^^ this must travel from area to area; Mine is fixed, but people think your crazy, or wonder why when It happens to you; I know the feeling, I've had that happen for a long time till It worked out one day, definitely annoying, and random. good luck with it.


ty hehe looks better for 2 days now...but the last time i thought its better it just returned^^


aaaaand its back again....this is more than annoying...always seems to return on sundays to stay a few days. i get a disconnect and cant login back for some time. especially annoying at worldboss, tower or tournaments.

checked my connection and called my provider but all fine. so its not on my side...please give me some update on this connection issues some of us seems to get in some kind of interval.


When I get disconnected, I cannot reconnect either, but when I refresh the page, all is fine. Using chrome, via facebook, if it helps.


for me it starts to lag...then the lags getting worse and some fights take forever cause you just stand still and nothing happens. both on client or browser (chrome)...refreshing doesnt work cause it still wont load...atfer a few tries you might get lucky, or the loading is stuck or nothing happens at all.

if you get back in you just pray it works...cause often it just lags out again...especially painful at WB if you spent diamonds and cant use the 5min boost given, or fail to enter at the start of tournament to give yourself a boost.

the weird thing is it vanishs after a few days...just to return a few days later again. i always check my connection but its totally fine with other games.

but this repeating occurance is getting waste waste your time...and stress your nerves trying to relog back...or wait for fights to take place minutes...instead of seconds.

please check your hoster or server (S14) really takes the fun away of the game if you cant get rid of this glitch. this never happened before november to me.


Guess it's due to the tower event starting, but I cannot login right now in S10. Micro client or browser, makes no difference.

So, ended up missing the WB, and while now I can barely connect, the ping is so high I can't do anything. I'll try again in a couple hours.

Edit 2: Missed the tournament as well, but finally managed to login 10 minutes ago, Tower still going.
[ This post finally by KarmaLAlligator on 2015-01-18  15:33 edit ]


i just had this problem the past three days running.


Aaand it's happening again tonight, no response from server, and that's when I see the list of servers, which is once in 15 attempts. It worked fine this morning. S10, my connection is fine, but neither micro client or browser will let me login.

Edit: Finally managed to login, just in time for the tourney.
Edit 2: Spoke too soon, it's gone again.
[ This post finally by KarmaLAlligator on 2015-01-19  13:33 edit ]


Dear palyer,
Sorry to have kept you waiting so long. Can you longin at present? If you still have the login issue, please contact us via our new GM way, it’s called “GM Support”.  You can find it in our official website Support.
Pleae check the following link for more details:
And this old forum will not be valid any more.
Best regards.


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