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Login authentication failed

Hi. My character name is Lily on Kongregate 4 server. The past few days I have had issues logging in. Either Unity player crashes, I get an invalid login message, or cannot connect to server. When I am in the game, sometimes I will randomly lose connection and get disconnected too. I have used both firefox and chrome, have reinstalled unity and also computer. Many others have also been having problems, so I know it is an issue with the game, not my computer. It has caused me to miss world bosses, dark tournaments, etc.

I tried to post this at your site at "GM Support," but it does not even let me submit a ticket. It requires server and character name, but when you click on the tabs there are no options to choose from.


Dear player,
Sorry for the trouble. To better help you, please provide us the information as below via email. Our official email is i-cs@gamebox.com.
1. Your nickname in game, server name, country name?
2. If the login issue randomly occurred or always follow certain time?
3. Please try to ping –t when you experience the login issue, then send the screenshot to us.You can press windows with R at the same time and put cmd in the input box, then put


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