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New Gamebox guide: Payment system

New Gamebox guide: Payment system

Hello, all. Welcome to our New Platform:
You can click STORE to buy Gtokens or Game Credits for your account/character in game.

**1. Default link for STORE goes to Buy Game Credits**, which you can spend USD to buy game credits directly as you did via the old Gamebox. Your last-login server and corresponding character name will be shown. You can now place the order.
**2. 2nd way to buy Game Credits would be to click the BUY GOLD button from your game interface.** You’ll be led to the Buy Game Credits page as well.
HINT: If you have more than one character in one server, please select the CORRECT one to receive the game credits.
**3. the new Gtokens system**: You are spending your money to buy Gtokens for your Gamebox account, which can be used to transfer into game credits for any of the Gamebox games that you play. e.g. If you play Rise of Mythos as well as Odin Quest in Gamebox, you can use the Gtokens for your characters in both game.

Step 1: Buy Gtokens
            Generally speaking, 1 USD equals 100 Gtokens. For 20 USD and above you will get bonus Gtokens, too. Please check the options before you pay.
Step 2: Transfer Gtokens
            Your last-login game/server/corresponding character name will be listed above the payment options. Please also check your Gtoken balance before you TRANSFER.

**4. Last, you can check Order History** easily for necessary reference.
3 types of orders will be listed separately: Buy Gtokens, Transfer Gtokens, Buy Game Credits. Please provide these order details to CS team when you are seeking help regarding a transaction.

Thank you so much for your support. Contact us in either forum, fanpage, Email or New Gamebox - Gcenter at any time.


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