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Gold Tanks Are Way More Than Flaunting Wealth

Gold Tanks Are Way More Than Flaunting Wealth

How to Level Up Your Tanks in the Fastest Possible Way

Do you still remember the newbie gift-M4/FL10? It’s extremely useful, right? High mobility, coupled with a shell tray containing 6 cannonballs, can easily render you invincible on Lv5 battlefield.

TIPS:Press C to instantly change shell tray,and you won’t need to wait until you consume all 6 cannonballs. When you are heading to the next battlefield after destroying an enemy, it’s the best time to reload your tank.

Wait, there’s something that bothers me: I can’t level up my gold tank, so why should I keep using it? This is the question of the year, so let’s learn the ins and outs of the gold tank!

1. With Gold Tank, You Can Earn More Silver
This is the main function of the gold tank. You can earn more silver with a gold tank than with a silver tank of same level, for example:
If you have dealt 1000 damage to the enemy, you may get 50,000 silver with a gold tank, but only 20,000 silver with a normal tank.
        What’s more, it costs less to repair a gold tank!
        With more silver, your normal tank can level up more quickly and easily. In addition, you can buy more accessories and other attribute-boosting items, which can increase the power of your tank significantly.
TIPS:Lv8 Gold Tank can earn you more silver, since it can deal more damage to the enemy.

2. With Gold Tank, You Can Earn More Free EXP and Level Up Your Driver More Quickly
In addition to getting more silver with gold tank, you can also get more free EXP. This means you can earn more tank EXP with one gold tank.

Now let’s learn how to exchange EXP.
a)        This is your tank EXP.

b)        This is your Free EXP

c)        All you need to do is to click the plus sign beside Free EXP,and you can freely choose any tank EXP and exchange for Free EXP. Of course, it will cost you some gold.

In fact,the EXP from gold tank can be used in other ways. It’s also recommended that you spend gold to exchange for EXP and level up your crew in a faster way, since you will enjoy more awesome skills if you have high level crew. For example, faster reloading and faster traveling speed, to name a few.

These are some of the awesome skills of the driver:


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