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Christmas Deal is here!

Christmas Deal is here!

Dear players,
In order to celebrate the upcoming Christmas, a special recharging event comes, lasting from December 19 to December 25, 2014.
During the event, you'll get plentiful rewards and powerful card according to the accumulative gold amount you recharge.

1.Once your recharging amount reaches 30000Gold but less than 50000Gold, you can get the corresponding rewards as list in the table above.
2.If your recharging amount reaches 50000Gold, you can get the corresponding 50000Gold rewards as list in the table above. We have to point out that even if your recharging amount reaches 50000Gold, the rewards you will receive are only the corresponding rewards for 50000Gold, not including the rewards for 30000Gold.
3.Due to the fact that there are a large amount of players, you need to write down your recharging record during the event time (Dec. 19, 2014—Dec. 25, 2014) and send an email to this address:, so we can check for you. We suggest you to send the email after Dec. 25 when the event is over, so that you can know how much you recharge in total during the event period.
Form:  server name + character’s name+ recharging amount+ recharging date+ the card you want(Any legendary card in King's pack*1 for 30000Gold、Any legendary card in Victory Pack*1 for 50000Gold, )
For example,  Server name: Shimmering Cave
              Character’s name:  AAAA
              Recharging amount:  1. 500$  on December 20, 2014
                                  2. 200$  on December 24, 2014
                                    3. total amount: 700$ during event, I choose AAA card in King’s pack
4. We will send the rewards to you via in-game mail in three working days after the event is over on Dec. 25,2014.

Best regards
ROM Team


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