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Cull Nerf Compensation

Cull Nerf Compensation

After the maintenance, we will start to accept requests of compensation for those who have the skill Cull the weak. There’re two options for you, you can choose one as you wish.

Option 1: You keep the cull you had, and you can ask for a same quality skill card as you wish, except ultimate skills.

For example, you have 3 legendary cull, you still want to keep all these 3 cull, then you can ask for any 3 legendary skills except the ultimate skills.

Option 2: You don’t want to keep the cull you had, then we will take back the cull for you and exchange a same quality ultimate skill for you.

For example, you have 2 legendary and 1 godlike cull, and you don’t want to keep them. Then we can take all those 3 back and send you 2 legendary and 1 godlike ultimate skills (You can pick which ultimate skill you want)

To request for this compensation, please send an email to and leave the info like the below example:

Server name: Ancient Den
Ingame Name: Monster_GM
The amount and quality of the cull i have: 2 Legendary and 1 godlike cull
The option i pick: I would like to keep all my 3 culls, and get 3 extra skill cards. The 3 cards i want are : 2 legendary Swiftraid, 1 Godlike Swift Death
(This is an example of how you make the request)

Notice: The compensation is not available for the culls you got After the nerf is implemented.

Any questions, pls let me know. Thank you



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