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【Event】Major Repurchase Tarot--- The Hanged Man

【Event】Major Repurchase Tarot--- The Hanged Man

Dear players,

The Secrets of Tarot event is coming back! Claim enough Amethyst and open all 12 window-slots before 00:00 Server-Time, you will get a legendary [The Hanged Man] which includes a [The Hanged Man] card in legendary or godlike form!

In the meantime, you can claim corresponding number of Bumper Cards Box and Amethyst in Big Bonus event by recharging certain amount of gold. The more Amethyst you get, the easier and faster for you to get [The Hanged Man] from Tarot event!

Both events start from 12.19 00:00 to 12.21 23:59 Server Time. Hurry up to reveal the secret of The Hanged Man!


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