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Question about the Recharging Event

Question about the Recharging Event

Hello, im new to this server, started just a week ago,

As a new to the game, i dont looked at the facebook page, where the event was anounced on 17 dec, from 17 to 19 i recharged 30.000 gold, and from 19 to today another 20.000 gold.

Can i get the 50.000 mark reward? i know that the event started to count on 19, but you should put this kind of events on the "Events" button of the game, if it wasnt from a guild mate, i will never noticed that event.

From 15 (day i started) to 17 i recharged another 20.000 gold, for a grand total of 70.000 gold on the full week.

Finally, i must say that as a spaniard, the real date its always one day after, cause i recharged past 00:00 local time.

Thanks in advance.


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Hey. Sorry to hear that but firstly would you mind providing your server name/NO. and character name so we can better check this out for you?
Thanks for your great investment in advance.
Instead of forum, please log in and click SUPPORT - GM support and submit a ticekt for us, in the future.


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