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Daily Check-in During Christmas Season

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Daily Check-in During Christmas Season

Duration:  2014/12/24 00:00~ 2014/12/30 23:59 PST (ENDED)
Server: All Servers
        Format:
a)        During the event, please speak out your blessings or perspectives under this post.
b)        Format: Content + Server name +character name, e.g.:
I hope GW can get better and better!
     S1    Miley

c)        If you check in several days in a row, you will get different rewards for each day.
d)        The 10th comment is the lucky comment, and the player will get 50 gold as rewards. The rewards can be obtained more than once. (If you are the 10th comment for 7 days, you can get 350 gold.)
        How to Participate
Comment under the event post.

        Rewards

        NOTE:
1. If you don’t comment as the example, your comment will be treated as invalid.
2. If you miss one day, your consecutive days of check-in will be recalculated.
3. We’ll give rewards according to days you’ve checked in. Each player can be rewarded once.
4. Rewards will be sent via in-game mail within 48 hours after the event ends.
5. GW owns the final right of explanation.
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