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[Community Event] New Mythos Card Skill Design Contest

[Community Event] New Mythos Card Skill Design Contest

Dear players,

It is time for us to get some cool community based events and heat the forum up a bit!

The 5th wave of Egyptian Mythos Cards are approaching. They are – [Goddess of Love Qetesh] , [Goddess of Order Maat] and [Goddess of Serpent Edjo]. They are all Elite cards under Norse Mythos series and will be available with Mythos Pack 1 and 2 in the future.

Have you ever wanted to create a card for RoM? Now is your chance! It’s time for you to decide what skills each of them should have! Come and seize this valuable opportunity to design their skills whatever way you want! We have already finished the art for these 3 cards as you can see below, just need the ideas of their skills to be able to get them into the game

Duration: January 6— January 15

We will be choosing some excellent designs during the event period and submitting them to the development team for evaluation. Once your idea is adopted, you will be rewarded with the legendary card which you designed. Please comment directly below with skill designs or card ideas. We hope to see plenty of creative entries during this event and hope you all have some fun contributing to the continued success of RoM!

Goddess of Love Qetesh

Goddess of Order Maat

Goddess of Serpent Edjo

Example submission format:


[Unit Type]: (Range or Melee unit)

[Attack Type]: (Thunder, Fire, Physical or other any other kind of attack type that we have in game.)


[SKILL NAME]: Skill attributes


[SKILL NAME]: Skill attributes


[SKILL NAME]: Skill attributes


To make things a bit easier for everyone I suggest using RoM member Stevevin's Card Designer.
The link can be found here:



my first submission:


Hmm, I don't know why it does not show my attachment. What can one do wrong there? I even tried different formats.


Well, seems to work now. Sorry for any truble ^^
Here my next submission:


And my final submission:

Feel free to contact me for any comment.



When are we going to know who won this contest?


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