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[Malucifer Talk] Upcoming changes to RoM

[Malucifer Talk] Upcoming changes to RoM

Hey guys!

I would first like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself to those who do not know me yet. Taking over the role of Community Manager for RoM will be a large task and will take me some time to adjust. But, I want everyone to know that I am hear to voice your opinions and solve problems as they arise. There will be ZERO favoritism involved in any responses on my part and even those whom I have a terrible relationship in game with will receive the support they deserve as an equal here at RoM.

Enough of the boring introductions, let get down to upcoming info that should make a majority of players happy.

Juicy Stuff:
Coming January 15th we will get the following:

Fire Opals in the Tower Shop for 98 tower tokens.
Outsider reputation crests "might" be added to the shop as well. (I will confirm and edit this as I find out)

New race reputation shops will be available (Dragon, Angel and Demon)
Level 50 cards available in the shop are as follows:
Angel - [Savior Carella]
Demon - [Merciless Mareth]
Dragon - [Annie the Dragonking]

Divine Retribution and Holy Blessing skills are being reworded as not to be completely confusing. (Woo!)

Coming sometime soon: (ETA unknown atm)

Forbidden Zone will be returning for all players to enjoy yet again.
Hell's Realm will return with the Surge of Calamity event as well.
Pegasi Blessing II (Horsehair event)
New PvP shop class skills. (No specifics at this time)

That is all for the spoiler list at this time. I will update you with pertinent information as I receive it and thank you to everyone for welcoming me in as your new Community Manager.

There will be methods posted soon on how to contact me easily both in game and out.

Community Manager


soaring hazel's celestial arrow is a bug too
one time it kills champion knight (3cd) immediately another time it only deals 3 damage
alrite godnite



Angel and Demon lvl 50 reputation cards are not really convenient because they are already available in epic. Can you still reconsider this choice?



Nice .

maybe add a few new cards in the pvp shop aswel .

Gl on your new position .

Migth i suggest making some post battles aswel for the peeps ranked 33 to 64 or so ? lil more competition for them and also a chance for an extra pack migth also stimulate the smaller recharges for an extra buy in or so just to be strong enuf to compete at that lvl of play .

gr Remon


I agree with max steel
very bad choices for angel/demon/dragon level 50 reputations
these cards are easy to get and ppl already got them from rebates for opening packs
it should be more unique card
like arora veloxia, baals, archangels


Well, actually the dragon card is ok. It is only available in legendary and godlike and harder to get (well, it was a recharge event, but still...).  So at least, it is convenient with the other reputation cards.
And Aurora Veloxia will become a recharge card for 100% sureness, the devs won't miss that chance ;-)
So I guess, there is not much room to discuss the dragon card.

But the angel and demon cards really have to be reconsidered. The designated cards are more like lvl 42 cards (in epic then).


Suggested by the title of this thread


Seems the forum does not like double quotes   So here again the message without these tokens:

Suggested by the title of this thread Malucifer talk I already hoped that there would be a real discussion with someone who is close to those who make the decisions.
I know you just started your job here in this forum, so I will be patient and give you some more time to catch that up ;-)


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