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Gladiators - advantages

Gladiators - advantages

Hi guys!

I realized that some gladiators have advantages over others, it proceeds?

We have Secutor, Dimachaerus, Barbarian..


Must take into account the different types of characteristics ...


* Secutor: Class defensive, get great defense and blocking, but they lack speed, but have a comfortable Health.

DAMAGE: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ ✰ 80%.
DEFENSE: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ 100%.
HEALT: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ ✰ ✰ 70%.
SPEED: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ ✰ ✰ 70%.

* Dimachaerus: Class "~ fast attack", get a good damage, accompanied by a very high speed and a great chance to dodge and nice attack but lack health and defense.

DAMAGE: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ 90%.
DEFENSE: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ ✰ ✰ 70%.
HEALT: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ 60%.
SPEED: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ 100%.

* Barbarian: Heavy Class, gets a lot of damage and high health, in addition to a power of critical damage, has a good defense (but not as good as that of a "Secutor"), but lacks speed.

DAMAGE: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ 100%.
DEFENSE: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ ✰ ✰ 70%.
HEALT: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ 100%.
SPEED: ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✬ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ ✰ 50%.

On the other hand: Also keep in mind, the stars and ages:

If a character is ✬ (1 star), its characteristics are and will be less than one ✬ ✬ (2 stars).

And if we compare age differences also see if a character is ✬ ✬ ✬ (3 stars) and has 15 years, "may" be less than one ✬ ✬ ✬ (3 star) 16.

NOTE: I say "may" because the features in the tavern are random, 15 years may go up to 16 years (of your same stars).

It also notes the items, the item color, item level, item enhancements and gems embedded in the item.

Having a level 1 sword purple color, enhanced to +10, with three level 2 damage gems obviously be higher than a level 10 sword white, with improvement +0 (obviously without gems, because, white items no spaces for embedding gems).

Simple take this:

Class items:

* Helmet: Increases: Defense, Health and resilience.
* Chestplate: Increase: Defense, Health and Proc. Rate.
* Belt: Increase: Health and critical.
* Gloves: Increase: Health and Block.
* Sword: Increase: Attack, accuracy and penetration.
* Shield: Increases: Defense, block and resilience.
* Leggings: Increase: Defense, Health and dodge.
* Shoes: Increase: Health and speed.
* Earrings: There are three types of earrings;
1 - Bracelet: Increase: Critical (in other colors is added: penetration and attack).
2 - Ring: Increase: Speed ​​(in other colors is added: dodge).
3 - Amulet: More: Defense (in other colors is added: Health).

Colors of items:

1 - White: basic class, no spaces Embed gems and are weak.
2 - Green: Normal Class have a single room to Embed gems and are normal characteristics.
3 - Blue: Class good, have two gems Embed spaces and features are good.
4 - Purple: legendary class (or elite) have 3 spaces Embed gems and features are very good.

Levels of the items:

Level 1: They have a maximum capacity of +3 in improvements.
Level 10: They have a maximum capacity of +10 in improvements.
Level 20: They have a maximum capacity of +20 in improvements.
Level 30: They have a maximum capacity of +30 in improvements.

NOTE: I hope I explained well. And you have helped.
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Nice infos! thank you.


Hello! I know this thread is pretty old, but I figured instead of starting a new one it would be best to keep on topic discussion here.

I have noticed nearly everyone uses Secutors. There is nothing wrong with that, however I was wondering is it was because through trial and error people have just come to the conclusion they are statistically superior to both Dimachaerus and Barbarians?

I am incredibly fond of my Dimachaerus, however I am also incredibly driven to be the best (or the best I can anyway). I would really hate to think I am investing all this time and training into a statistically inferior Gladiator, just because I like him. If Secutor is the end all be all Gladiator type, I certainly don't mind changing my main Gladiator. Just would be a shame one type is that superior to the others.

My other theory was that maybe everyone likes Secutors because they are just so so commons in addition to the first Elite Gladiator we as players acquire is Crixus, whom happens to be a Secutor.

Anyway, to make a long rant short: Is Secutor superior to the other two Gladiator types? Or is it just because the type is common. Thanks for the info!


In the current state of the game, yes secutor are better, but once venom gems are working and more skills and strategies are working this will not be the case.

Barbarians are also very strong, a crit based barbarian and crit almost every hit.  A dodged based Dimacharus can be strong but you must craft your armour with as many perfect dodges as you can to truly be effective.


That is a shame to hear, but I am glad to know now rather then down the line after dumping so much into my Dimachaerus. I really really like him, but I will accept the fact that if I want to "win the game" I need to use Secutors (for now at least). Thanks for the info Seraphael.


just noticed, I'm just recently played this game and wonders, why the weak def elite dimachaerus which everyone said weak and such get in the furthest end of the hall, I liked dimachaerus and want to get that one but rethink bout it again after I saw the barbarian einomayi needs 3x friendships than crixus, if dimachaerus considered weak why didnt the weakest get in the front instead.

oh yeah btw sheraphael mentioned dodge based dimacharus, how do u think bout critical based dimachaerus instead, with his high atk and speed


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