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World boss for kongregate servers

World boss for kongregate servers

Hello. Perhaps you still have not heard of such a problem. But it's much more likely you just haven't staff / money / time / desire for this game.
I wrote to game center. And a lot of people including me wrote to you on the kongregate forum.

"Many of living in Europe worried that they can not get to the World Boss event. I playing at server kongregate 3 where (at kongregate) half or even more players from Europe. And because of the difference in time, we can not participate in the event. Give us the opportunity to autoregister for the WB like as the torment or human invasion. Or make this event 2 times a day with the opportunity to participate only once a day.

"Yes,it’s an old topic,but it’s really important.
Many players have suggested that the devs should give us more WBs each day for different time zone players,but it seems the devs need control players’ incoming resources so they don’t improve anymore on WBs.
As we all know, WBs are the most important incoming resources it ‘s very disappointed and disadvantageous for those who can’t attend it.
Here is a compromise.We need a whole-day register on WBs just like dark tournament.the damage of registrant who haven’t attend WBs actually won’t be calculated into ranking,but it will be calculated when we can’t finish the WBs in time.if the total damage reach the maxium hp of WBs,all of the participants (of course,include registrant.Registrant should get the same rewards as all the other participants,except ranking rewards) can also claim the full rewards."

And many other similar reports...
PS: also want to note that in the devil castle disappeared icons. And I have visual bug with event button.
PPS: sorry for my English.


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